Problems which a farm manager may face during the course of discharging his duties include:

  1. Inadequate Information: He may lack information on where to buy farm inputs, or acquire information on new innovations, current prices of farm produce, etc.
  2. Problems of Marketing: He may not know how and where to sell his produce, at what time to sell and at which price to sell to make maximum profit.
  3. Inadequate Farm Input: Farm input like seeds, feed, fertilizers, chemicals, etc, may be inadequate, scarce and expensive to get.
  4. Financial Problems: He may not have enough capital. Banks may not provide loans and produce may not sell at the right price to make more money to reinvest in the business.
  5. Inadequate Personnel: He may not get the right management team to work on the farm. They may be too expensive to work on the farm.
  6. Government Policies: Bad government policies like importation of food which is also produced by the farm manager my lead to losses, discouragement and may even result in the folding up of the business.
  7. Transport Problems: He may not have a vehicle to do the running around, to deliver farm input and to take farm produce to the market.
  8. Administrative Problem: He may lack the technical know-how, good human relationship with staff, and the condition of his health may affect the performance of his duties.



  1. What is management?
  2. List five major functions of a farm Manager.
  3. Briefly explain five major functions of a farm Manager.
  4. State eight functions of a farm manager.
  5. Mention five importance of capital in an agricultural enterprise.



  1. The following are problems of faced by a farm manger except A. Problems of marketing B. Inadequate personnel: C. Adequate information D. Government policies:
  2. Materials that are not used up during production are known as ____ A. Working capital B. Fixed capital C. Land capital D. Farm capital
  3. Management in a farm determines the following except A. when to produce A. what to produce B. type of production, C. supervises work D. granting of loans
  4. The man’s mental and physical exertions generated in the process of production is refers to as ____ A. Land B. Capital C. Labour D. Salary
  5. The supervision of accounts and bookkeeping of all operations on the farm is carried out by ____ A. Farm treasurer B. bookkeeper C. Farm managers D. Farm supervisor



  1. Briefly explain two major problems of a farm manager.
  2. State three functions of a farm manager.


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