SS 2 English Language (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) English Language (All Classes)

Grammar: Rules of Concord

Concord is the agreement of the subject with the verb in a sentence



  1. When the subject is in the third person and singular, the verb in the present takes ‘s’ or ‘-es’ e.g. Monica listens attentively.
  2. When the subject is in the first person, second person and third person plural number, the base form (i.e. plural verb is used.) e.g.

We go to church every Sunday,

You brush your teeth every morning.

They/the children make a lot of noise in school.


  1. In a noun phrase, the verb must agree with the head word i.e. main word e.g.

One of my students has travelled abroad.

Everyone of the pupils was rewarded.


  1. Two or more singular nouns, connected by ‘and’ expressing the same person/idea/thing must take a singular verb. E.g.

Rice and beans is my best food.

The long and short of the matter is that we must work

My friend and teacherhas made my dream come true.


  1. Two or more nouns connected by ‘and’ but referring to different things must go with a plural verb.

My friend and my brother have arrived.


  1. A group of words starting with ‘each’ or ‘every’, ‘either’ or ‘neither’ should take a singular verb.

Every man and woman has his own destiny.

Each student was asked to pay some fee.

Neither Tolu nor Teni pays attention to instructions.

Either Tiler or Tony has done the needful.


  1. If one of the two nouns connected by ‘nor’, ‘or’ is plural, or differ in person, the verb agrees with the closest noun to the verb in a sentence.

Either Temi or her sistersare interested in novels.

Neither the Principal nor the teachershavecome to school.

Either my brother or Iam travelling next week.

Neither you nor Victoria has paid the required due.


  1. Indefinite pronouns and nouns ending with ‘s’ but singular in meaning must take singular verbs.

Everybody is here.                              Everything is all right.

Everyone has spoken.                         Nothinghas happened.

Politicsis a dirty game in Nigeria.

The news is broadcast at 6pm.



Identify five guiding rules of subject – verb agreement and write two examples for each.


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