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Hygiene is an act of cleanliness as a means of healthy living to be free from diseases and germs. It is the observance of effective sanitary measures in food production, purchasing, processing and marketing.

Personal kitchen hygiene

The first step in producing clean and safe food is the selection of food in the market, it is always good to examine packaged foods and avoid forms of bad packaging, a bulged can, or a container with an imperfect seal. All these precautions will prevent the introduction of already contaminated foods, and therefore, disease-carrying organisms into the kitchen. Some of the sanitary procedures to be observed in the kitchen are;

  1. Wash your hands with clean water.
  2. Rinse and wipe them dry before beginning to cook in the kitchen and after each visit to the toilet.
  3. Avoid long fingernails and the use of nail polish.
  4. Avoid the use of jewelries on the fingers.
  5. Do not leave your hair uncovered.
  6. Always wear a clean apron or overall and avoid high heel shoe in the kitchen.
  7. Any cut or sore should be well dressed and covered and the hands should be washed just before beginning to cook and during cooking care must be taken not to sneeze or cough.


In order to keep the kitchen clean, to prevent contamination, the following rules should be observed;

  1. Use only clean utensils and dishes in the preparation and servings of food.
  2. Take hold of utensils by their handles and that of dishes and glasses in such a way that the service surface is not touched.
  3. Wash all dishes after usage with soap and water and drain by turning them upside down.
  4. Keep your work surfaces clean at all times and wipe up any spillage.
  5. Always use a clean dry cloth for drying dishes and utensils and boil the cloth daily after use.
  6. Keep refrigerator and other food storage place clean.
  7. Cover the dustbin and empty them regularly.
  8. Cover all foods when cleaning the floor and use methods that will keep down the dusts.


  • what is hygiene?
  • Differentiate between personal and kitchen hygiene
  • State 5 rules of kitchen hygiene.


State 5 preventive measures against pests in the kitchen.

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