Relationship between food and nutrition to other subjects

Food and nutrition is not an independent subject rather it is an area of study that cut across many other disciplines and also has a vital role to play in the continual existence of the human race.

Food and nutrition cannot be divorced from agriculture. Their relationship is so strong that both comes under one world organization: FAO

The food and agriculture organization which has its headquarters in Rome. The food consumed by man can be majorly derived from plants and animals, on the other hand, animals depend solely on their food. Therefore for food to be abundant for human consumption, both plants and animals must be catered for. This means agriculture which encompasses both crops and animals must be taken seriously and practiced widely.

The related subjects are:

  1. Agricultural science.
  2. Biology.
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physiology.
  5. Food technology.
  6. Home economics.
  7. Food science.
  8. Food engineering.
  9. Micro biology.
  10. Medicine.
  11. Economics.
  12. Physics.

13. Physical & health education.


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