The search for food has been the occupation of mankind from the onset. Food is very important to our day to day life.

Food can be defined as what nourishes the body. It is any substance which after consumption, digestion and absorption produces energy, promotes growth, repair body tissues and regulate all body processes.

Food is able to perform all these functions because of the chemicals present in it which is known as nutrients.

The study of these various nutrients in relation to the effect it has on human body is nutrition. Nutrition is therefore is the science of food in relation to health.

Importance of human nutrition   .

  1. Food is important to man
  2. There is strong correlation between good food and intellectual development.
  3. It helps in maintenance of good health.
  4. To know the principles of food processing, food preservation and food preparation.
  5. People that are well fed have more resistance to diseases than those that are poorly nourished.
  6. To know the kind of food that could meet the dietary requirements of different age groups and those under psychological condition.
  7. The proportion of food consumed has positive or negative effect on the body.
  8. It helps to understand the basic knowledge and principles of nutrition.


Factors affecting human nutrition include:

  1. Availability of food.
  2. Income.
  3. Food in season.
  4. Ignorance
  5. storage/preservation.

6. Facilities available.


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