Farm animals are used by man for the following purposes:

  1. Food: Some products obtained from farm animals include meat, milk and eggs, which are eaten by man.
  2. Clothing: Animals products such as wool, skin and furs are used for clothing, the skin and fibres of animals that are used for leather bags, drums, foot wear are gotten from animals like cattle, Goat and Sheep. Feather from poultry are used for stuffing pillows and cushions
  3. Farm power or work: Some animals such as bullocks, horses, camels and donkeys could serve as sources of power to help with farm work.
  1. Fertilizer or Manure: Animal dropping such as excreta are used as organic fertilizer or farm manure to add nutrients to the soil or fertilize the soil.
  2. Security or Protection: Some farm animals e.g dogs and geese are used by farmers to protect their property against thieves.
  3. Sports: Farm animals like horses, ram, bull and chicken are used for sports e.g horse racing and playing polo etc.
  4. Medicine: Medicine are manufactured from the thyroid glands of sheep and cattle and are used to cure diseased thyroid gland of human beings.



  1. Mention five uses of farm animals.
  2. List any five by-products that can be gotten from poultry birds.
  3. State two reasons why dogs are used for security.
  4. State three animals that are used for farm work.
  5. State three importance of Farm animals.
  6. Feather from poultry are used for?



  • Which of the farm animals is used for protection? A.Sheep B.Goat C.GooseD.Horse.
  • Meat from cow is called A. Chevon B.Mutton C.Pork D.Beef.
  • ______ are manufactured from the thyroid glands of farm animals A. Milk B. Sweat
  1. Medicine D. Fertilizer.
  • Which of these farm animals can be used for work on the farm? A.Bullocks B.Rabbit C.Chicken D.Goat.
  • Which of these animals can be used for sport A. Sheep B.SnailC. Goat D. Pig



  1. List three examples of food gotten from farm animals.
  2. Mention two examples of animals used for farm power.


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