National symbol as a national identify

Meaning of national symbols

National symbols are things which represent å country. The symbols usually have certain characteristics which are recognized as representing something of importance in the country.

Symbols can be people, leaders or public property.

Nigerian national symbols

Nigeria has å number of symbols through which people can easily identify Nigeria, Nigerians and matters that have to do with Nigeria.

These include the following symbols:

  1. The national flag

å) The green stands for the rich agricultural soil of Nigeria.

  1. b) The white stands for peace and unity

The coat of arms is another national symbol which stands for power and authority.

å) The black shield stands for the good soil of Nigeria.

  1. b) The two horses stand for dignity and pride of Nigeria.
  2. c) The mark which looks like the letter Y, stands for the two major rivers in Nigeria: River Niger and River Benue.
  3. d) The eagle stands for the strength of Nigeria.

Other national symbols are:

  1. The Nigerian constitution: This is å special book that contains the laws of our country.
  2. National anthem: It is the special song of our country.
  3. National pledge: This is the promise which we make to love, serve and protect our country.
  4. National currency: This is the money spent within our country.t belongs to Nigeria and cannot be spent in any their country.
  5. The Nigerian passport: This is å small document from the government. We carry it when we travel out of Nigeria. It proves that we are actually Nigerians.


The Nigerian passport

There are other important symbols which are not national symbols.

They include the following:

  1. Traditional leaders: The way they dress and their titles easily tell us where they rule. Some of them hold such titles as Obi, Olu, Obå, Emir, ånd Eze.
  2. Religious leaders: They tell their followers about God and help them to behave in å godly way, in order to maintain love and peace in the country. They also pray for our country and their followers.
  3. Road signs: These are symbols that tell us how to behave when we are on the road. For instance, å sign may be placed to mean: Do not park here. The green traffic light means you may move on now.

Respect for national symbols

All good citizens must show respect for national symbols. Showing respect for national symbols means that we love and respect our country. We can show respect for national symbols by doing the following:

  1. Standing at attention while singing the national anthem and reciting the national pledge.
  2. Handling the naira with care.
  3. Flying the national flag in all public places.
  4. Obeying law and order, as written in the constitution.
  5. Putting up the photographs of our president and state governor in our schools and offices.



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  1. List some of the national symbols
  2. Explain respect for national symbols as a national identify


  1. What the meaning of national symbols?
  2. Draw and describe any two Nigerian national symbols you know.
  3. What can we do to show respect for our national symbols?
  4. Mention three other symbols you know that are not national symbols.


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