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Patriotism as a National Identify

What is patriotism? Patriotism means loving your country and being willing to defend it against its enemies whenever there is the need.

Why should we be patriotic?

  1. To promote the development of the country: We must show our love for our country by doing all we can to make it å better place. For example, å patriotic child should not throw litter on the road, as this wills make our country dirty and ugly. This litter could eventually block the drains and cause flooding.
  2. To promote unity: By agreeing to work together as brother and sisters, we promote unity in our country. For example people from different ethnic groups and of different religions should see themselves first as Nigerians.
  3. To help our country benefit from our knowledge and skills we should use our knowledge and skills to improve our country.
  4. To ensure that the resources of the country are fully and properly used. For example, Nigerian soils are good for farming. We should produce more food so that life will be better for everyone. We should also use the mineral resources to improve our nation.


The Teacher revises the previous week lesson.

The Teacher introduces the new topic.

The Teacher explains the note in details.

The Teacher gives room for pupils to ask questions.

The Teacher evaluates the pupils.


  1. Explain the meaning of patriotism
  2. Explain reasons for patriotism



1. What is national identity?

2. Mention three elements of national identity.

3. Give three reasons why Nigerians should be patriotic


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