Values are social and moral standards we apply to our day to day living or existence. They are thing of worth or strong beliefs that influence our everyday actions. Values differ from one person to another, groups and societies (communities). The summing up of these values determine our moral life and quality of life that we have.


The Importance of values

  1. Our social and moral values give us identity
  2. It brings about peace in the community when everyone abides by the values expected of him or her.
  3. The existence of values brings progress in the society. E.g. honestly, hard work, respect.
  4. It helps us develop good moral standard and also guide our behavior.
  5. It enables people to share and appreciate common beliefs which would help them to make good decisions.
  6. It helps to promote our societal value and also give direction to our lives.


Factors That Encourage Good Values:

  1. Integrity (uprightness of character and honesty)
  2. Tolerance and respect for other peoples’ views.
  3. Discipline and hard work
  4. Patriotism and loyalty to one’s nation/community
  5. Confidence and self-reliance in one-self
  6. Commitment and consistency in one’s belief, opinion and virtues that would enhance societal development.
  7. Trust and honesty endears us to many people around us.


Sources of Values

Value originate from the following:

  1. Family (it’s the first place of contact to a child)
  2. Community (culture, customs & conventions).
  3. Peer group (healthy competition in extracurricular)
  4. Religious institutions (church/mosque teachings)
  5. The school (both primary secondary and higher institutions)


Factors that lead to differences in values.

  1. The moral standard of our society
  2. Our family values differ from homes to homes due to their religion and background
  3. The economic status of people also affect the differences in the morals/values of people
  4. The cultural background of the people in the country affects the variations in values.
  5. Our level of education differ in many respect and this affect our differences in values.
  6. Friendship also help one to adapt one value or the other. This also cause differences due to the friends we keep.
  7. Our location (environment) affects differences in values. An urban child will be different in orientation and value acquisition than a rural child.


Parental Values and Expectations

Parents do aspire and expect good moral and social values from their children as they grow up. The parents may have their values or a few of them. Some of these value include.

  1. Obedience and respect
  2. Honesty and trust
  3. Hard work and discipline
  4. Family reputation



  • Mention the factors that encourage good value
  • What are the factors that influence the differences in our values?
  • What are the parental values expected from you as a child.







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