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Reasons for obeying Traffic Rules and Regulation

Ask the pupils to explain the reasons why road users should obey traffic regulations, and guide them as they give the reasons they know.

Reasons for obeying traffic regulations

1 It helps to check over-speeding. Accidents will be reduced when people obey the speed limit.

2 It reduces accidents on the road. If the traffic regulations guide the behaviour of road users, the number of accidents on the roads will reduce greatly.

3 Commercial drivers using the roads will behave well if they obey traffic regulations. They will not stop in the middle of the highway to pick up passengers.

4 There will be a smooth flow of traffic. The movement of vehicles will not be disturbed when road users obey traffic regulations.

Ways of obeying traffic regulations on our roads

Ask the pupils to mention various ways of obeying traffic regulations on our roads. Guide the pupils as they explain. The teacher should thereafter write the ways on the chalkboard and explain each of them to the pupils. The ways of obeying traffic regulations on our roads include the following:

1 Regular maintenance of vehicles. Our vehicles must be maintained regularly to prevent sudden breakdown on the road.

2 Slowing down at zebra crossings. We should slow down at zebra crossings to allow pedestrians to walk across safely. Pedestrians have an equal right to use the roads.

3 Avoiding over-speeding. Speeding excessively should be avoided, because it kills. We should observe the speed limit.

4 Respect for traffic signs. Road users must respect traffic signs. Signs like ‘No right turn,’ ‘No “U” turn,’ and ‘No entry for all vehicles’ should be observed, to avoid road hazards.

5 Observing the parking sign. We should not park on the road where there is a ‘No parking’ sign. Parking in such places obstruct the traffic flow. Similarly, drivers of commercial vehicles should pick passengers only at the right places.

The teacher should endeavour to obtain and read some stories of accidents from newspapers, and ask the pupils questions that would help to elicit greater appreciation of the need to obey traffic regulations.



The Teacher revises the previous week lesson.

The Teacher introduces the new topic.

The Teacher explains the note in details.

The Teacher gives room for pupils to ask questions.

The Teacher evaluates the pupils.



  1. State the meaning of technology.
  2. List the importance of technology.
  3. State the product of technology.



  1. Mention 3 reasons for obeying traffic rules and regulations

2.List 5 ways we can obey traffic traffic rules and regulations


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