Law enforcement agencies are set up by law to maintain internal security of the state. Lagos State has come up to inaugurate several security measures and outfits to maintain law and order. For those visiting Lagos for the first time, you don’t have to be confused seeing several uniform men all around. Hence, for easy identification, we present the security agencies/agents you may likely come across in Lagos.

  1. Rapid Response Squad (RRS)

The RRS is the name given to the police in Lagos. Like the regular function of the police, it is saddled with the responsibility of maintenance of law and order. It also protects, prevents and investigates criminal activities.

Other sub-outfits are the Mobile Police (MOPOL) and Special anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).


  1. OP MESA

Operation MESA is a joint Internal Security Operational platform made up of the Army, the Navy and the Air force. They operate in synergy with the Police and it is meant to complement the efforts of the Police in crime fighting in the State.



  1. Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC)

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) is a paramilitary outfit with the statutory function to protect lives, properties and majorly government installations and facilities from vandalism.

  1. Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO)

The Vehicle Inspection Officers popularly known as VIO are responsible for the issuance of road worthiness certificate to all vehicles as well as maintenance of sanity on various roads and highways by ensuring that all vehicles plying such roads are roadworthy at all time. However, the current governor of Lagos has recently banned them from operating in Lagos. As a result, you may not get to see them often.


  1. Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC)

The Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC) commonly referred to as the ‘community police’ is a uniformed security agency established to assist the Police and other security agencies to maintain law and order in the state. They operate by the use of their local knowledge to achieve maximum grass root intelligence gathering and community policing.

  1. Lagos State Traffic Management Authority(LASTMA)

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority was established to transform the state transport system to ensure free flow of traffic in the state and also reduce road accidents. Commercial bus drivers usually tag them as ‘nightmares’ like the VIO. Humorously, most bus drivers and conductors are fond of pronouncing LASTMA as ‘Lasman’ or ‘Linesman’



  1. Lagos Environmental Sanitation Corps (LAGESC).

Formerly known as Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI), the initiative is targeted at revitalizing the entire solid waste management sector, and also to achieve a clean hygienic and flood free state. They are also charged with the responsibility of the enforcing public utility levy.



  1. LASEMA Response Unit (LRU)

The LASEMA response unit was borne out of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA). The Agency is responsible for the overall co-ordination of emergency management in Lagos State.

It responds to emergencies such as accidents, building collapse, vehicle break down, fire outbreaks amongst others in Lagos and equipped with world class gadgets and facilities. They are easily reached by the 112 toll free lines.



  1. Lagos State Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS)

The LASAMBUS is designed to run on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis, with about 25 operational points to improve on all aspects of medical emergencies including home, road traffic, industrial accidents; as well as to provide the residents easy access to government medical services.

  1. War Against Indiscipline (WAI)

The War Against Indiscipline (WAI) Brigade was formed to give practical effect to the campaign against all forms of indiscipline. It is a uniformed voluntary association of able-bodied young men and women trained and expected to instill, inculcate and promote discipline.



  1. Peace Corps

They help promote social and economic development by involving members and volunteers in the scheme through working with government, schools, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations as well as all forms of social services.

  1. Man-O-War Brigade

The Man-O-War brigade is a voluntary youth organization with the focus of driving positive direction of human resources towards rendering selfless community services and the promotion of good institutional tone. Like the WAI brigade, they also engage in all forms of social service.

  1. Vigilante Group

The Vigilante Group is community based outfit with the aim of protecting and serving citizens in an effective and efficient manner through the wise use and management of all resources within the community.



  1. Nigerian Legion

The Legion comprise of mostly ex-service men and women who have distinguished themselves during the civil war. They are usually employed as guards in most federal institutions and facilities within the state.

  1. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

The NDLEA is empowered to eliminate the growing, manufacturing, processing, trafficking, selling, and exporting of hard drugs. As a result, they could be seen patrolling the street of Lagos occasionally.



  1. Nigeria Customs

 In Lagos, you will also find the customs patrol vans. They enforce the collection of Revenue (Import /Excise Duties & other Taxes /Levies). They also deal with Anti-Smuggling activities.

  1. Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)

The Nigeria Immigration Service can also be seen on the streets of Lagos occasionally to carry out their statutory function of protecting the borders, issuance of passport, and deportation of illegal immigrants amongst others.




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  1. Define law enforcement agencies
  2. Mention 10 law enforcement agencies official



  1. Define law enforcement agencies
  2. Mention 10 law enforcement agencies official


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