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Problem of traffic regulation on our road

    Problems of traffic on our roads

    Ask the pupils to mention the problems of traffic on our roads and guide them in their attempt. Then, write on the chalkboard, and explain to the pupils, some of the following problems of traffic on Nigerian roads:

    1 Bad roads. Many of our roads are in a very bad condition. There are numerous potholes that cause traffic jams and accidents.

    2 Corruption. Some officers that are expected to enforce traffic regulations, like the Police and VIOs are corrupt. They tend to extort money from motorists instead of doing their job of easing traffic.

    3 Negligence of duty. Some government officials, such as the VIOs, neglect their job. They fail to do what the law expects them to do; for example they allow some vehicles that should be off the road to still ply our roads.

    4 Ignorance. Many road users are illiterate, and cannot read the road signs.

    5 Bad condition of vehicles. Many vehicles are in a bad state, as they are poorly maintained.

    6 Bad weather. Accidents occur frequently on our roads during the rainy season. Poor visibility also obtains during this period.

    7 Abandonment of vehicles on the road. Damaged vehicles are parked or abandoned on our roads sometimes.

    8 Need to change our attitude. At times, our roads are deliberately broken in order to lay pipes for water. This should be discouraged, and offenders punished by the government.



    The Teacher revises the previous week lesson.

    The Teacher introduces the new topic.

    The Teacher explains the note in details.

    The Teacher gives room for pupils to ask questions.

    The Teacher evaluates the pupils.



    1. Mention some problem of traffic regulation on our road



    1. Mention 5 problem of traffic on our road.


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