Solution to the problem of traffic on our road

Ask the pupils to list solutions to the problem of traffic on our roads and write them on the chalkboard as they are being discussed.

Solutions to the problems

  1. Regular Maintenance of Road: Our roads should be maintained and taken care of on regular basis. The ones that are in use should be put in good condition to ensure free and smooth flow of traffic.
  2. Patrol of Traffic Officers: There should be constant patrol of the roads by traffic control officers. This will check reckless and lawless behaviors of road users.
  3. Imposition of Fines: Every traffic offender should be punished either by imposing fines on the offender to payer by impounding the vehicle of the offender. Mobile court’s orders and judgments should be respected and obeyed.
  4. Regular Vehicle Inspection: There should be regular inspection of vehicles on the road by vehicle inspection officials. Those found not to be fit or road worthy should be laid off the road.
  5. Constant Training of Motorists: Programmers for training of motorist on regular basis should be put in place. This will increase their level of obedience to the traffic regulations

. 6. Obedience to Traffic Rules and Regulations: The core solution to the problems of traffic regulations lies in making all the road users obey and comply with traffic rules and regulations. This can be done through massive enlightenment campaign through the mass media like television, radio, newspaper in conjunction with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) like Drive2live.



The Teacher revises the previous week lesson.

The Teacher introduces the new topic.

The Teacher explains the note in details.

The Teacher gives room for pupils to ask questions.

The Teacher evaluates the pupils.



  1. Give solution to the problem of traffic on our road


  1. Mention 5 solutions to the problem of traffic on our road


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