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Definition of Pressure Group

A pressure group can be defined as an interest group who seeks to pursue its aim by influencing government to make decision that will provide favour for its members. It can also be seen as a group of people who share a common interest and they put pressure on government, in order to realize their aim.


Pressure groups do not attempt to take control of government. In other words, pressure groups attempt to influence the policies of the government through pressure or persuasion, but do not attempt to feed their own candidate for election under their table.


Therefore, pressure groups are more interested in the physics of government and not in capturing government. The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), the Nigeria Chambers Of Commerce (NCC), the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), are all pressure groups.


Types of Pressure Groups

Occupational Pressure Group: This type of pressure group is formed by people belonging to the same occupation. The main aim of this group is to improve the working conditions of their members e.g. Nigeria Union of Journalism (NUJ), Nigeria Bar Association (NBA).

  1. ReligiousPressure Groups: These are groups that are formed to protect the interest of religious bodies e.g. Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Muslim Student Association etc.
  2. Religious Pressure Groups: These are also called business pressure groups. These groups are consist of business as well as trading organizations. Business pressure groups seems top influence the government and employers over matters like wages , working hours, general business/working condition. E.g. the Nigerian Chambers of Commerce (NCC), and the Nigeria Employers Constitute Assembly.
  3. Promotional Pressure Groups: These groups are formed to promote certain course e.g the civil liberty organization, protects the rights of all Nigerians. They campaign for the defence of human rights and was formed to agitate for freedom of the masses .e.g. NBA gives free legal services to the less privileged in the society.
  4. Social Pressure Groups: They are formed to promote the general welfare of their members. Some of these groups are Boys Scout, Girls Guide, Rotary Club, Old boys Association etc.
  5. Religious Pressure Groups: This includes the Christians, Muslims, African traditional religion practitioners, etc.
  6. Ethnic-oriented Pressure Groups: These groups comprise of members who are of the same racial background common ancestors and usually binded together by common language e.g. Urhobo Progressive Union, Egbe Omo Oduduwa.


Radical Pressure Groups:

These include those that may use force if peaceful means are not available e.g. National association of Nigeria Students



The following highlight the importance of pressure groups:

  1. It promote discussion and debate and mobilize public opinion on key issues.
  2. Perform a role of educating citizens about specific issues
  3. Group can enhance democratic participation, pluralism, and diversity.
  4. They provide important access point for those seeking redress of grievance
  5. They represent minority who cannot represent themselves.
  6. They act as check and balance to the power of executive government
  7. Many group play an important role in implementing changes into public policies.



The Teacher revises the previous week lesson.

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2. Mention the importance of pressure group



  1. Explain the meaning of pressure group
  2. Give 5 examples of pressure group


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