Value can be defined as the degree of quality or worth of a thing. Value can also be defined as the laid down rules or standard that guide an individual’s interactions with people. Value influences our character and attitude towards other people. Value is the acceptable way of life by a group in a particular society.


Value also includes people’s belief, language, arts and ways of life. Culture is the total way of life of the people and this culture cannot be separated from the people. Since the culture of the people cannot be separated from the people, it is then not possible to remove the value, beliefs and custom of a group of people from their culture.


Types of value

  1. Discipline : it is the ability of an individual to control his or her own behaviors
  2. Honesty: It is the abilityof being truthful and straight forward at all times.
  3. Selflessness: It is the ability to show more interest in the welfare of other people
  4. Courage: This is ability to face difficulty, danger or pain without fear.
  5. Integrity: It is the ability to stand and stick to sound morals and principle at all times.
  6. Sincerity : it is the ability to be open minded and to have clear mind towards issue
  7. Co-operation: Ability to work with other people to achieve a common goal.
  8. Fairness: It is the abilityof been considerate and to avoid cheating
  9. Justice: It is the abilityof being just, righteous and upright.

Contentment: It is a means of being happy and satisfied with what one has.



  1. It guides the practice of art by setting rules
  2. It sets standard about how art is to be practiced.
  3. It helps provide solution to problems about the practice of art and craft and music
  4. It shows how knowledge in art and craft, and music is to be transferred from one generation to other generation
  5. It helps art and craft and music to embrace new inventions in the practice, such as improvisation and recycling



STEP I: The Teacher revises the previous week lesson

STEP II: The Teacher introduces the new topic.

STEP III: The Teacher explains the note in details

STEP IV:  The Teacher gives room for pupils to ask questions.

STEP V: The Teacher evaluates the pupils.



. 1 .Explain the meaning of values

  1. List the types of values
  2. Explain the meaning of values in relation to arts, craft, and music


  1. Mention 5 importance if values
  2. Define values


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