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  1. They keep the class neat and tidy. When the class is tidy, we will be comfortable and then we will learn new things easily.
  2. They clean the chalkboard. When the chalkboard is clean, it will be easy for the teacher to write on it, and we will see it clearly.
  3. They stop noise making in the class. We will learn better when the class is quiet.
  4. They help the teacher to organize the class. For example, they distribute books, pencils, crayons and such things. They also collect our books when we finish our work. Sometimes, they arrange our books on the shelves.
  5. They report disobedient pupils to the school authorities.
  6. They make sure other pupils are orderly.
  7. They make sure that the school compound is neat.

Qualities of class monitors and prefects

  1. They are hardworking.
  2. They are humble
  3. They are regular in school.
  4. They are neat.
  5. They are intelligent.
  6. They are disciplined.
  7. They are honest.
  8. They are punctual.
  9. They are obedient.
  10. They do their class work and homework on time.


Developing and sustaining qualities in pupils

School authorities can encourage class monitors and prefects that do their work very well by:

  1. Giving them prizes.
  2. Helping them to get scholarships.
  3. Telling the Parent Teacher Association about them.


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Duties of class monitors and prefect ”

Step III: Teacher explains the duties of class monitor and prefect in the school

Step IV: Teacher explains the qualities of class monitors and prefects

Step V: Pupils make relevant contributions



  1. Mention five duties of class monitors.
  2. Mention five qualities of class monitors.


1. Mention three things that can be done to appreciate the workdone by good class monitors.


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