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    Å community is made up of å group of people. They live close to each other in å place. They obey rules and regulations.

    Types of communities

    1. Traditional communities. Examples are villages and small towns. They are sometimes ruled by traditional rulers. The people know each other
    2. Modern communities. Examples are large towns and cities. Most of the people do not know each other very well. The communities are ruled by government officials. The people use modern equipment, like machines, and cars.
    3. The school community: The school is also å community. We spend å lot of our time there. Sometimes, pupils live in å part of the school called å boarding house or å hostel. People in the school community are always learning new things. The head teacher is the leader of the school community

    Members of the community

    1. In families, we have father, mother, children, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and others.
    2. In the community, we have leaders like the boas, obis and emirs who see to the welfare of the community. We also have chairmen of local government councils and other government officials. Of course, we also have members of the community.
    3. In the school, we have the head teacher, other teachers, the pupils, and other people who help to look after the school. Some of such people are secretaries, gardeners, cleaners and sometimes, cooks.


    Rules in the community

    Members who live together have rules and regulations that they obey. If people obey rules and regulations, they will be happy. If people disobey, the community will not make good progress. Rules are made to promote orderliness, cooperation, happiness of all, respect and loyalty. Here are examples of some community rules:

    1. Keep the environment clean.
    2. Do not loiter in the streets åt night.
    3. Security guards must lock the street gates at midnight.
    4. Street gates should be opened at 5 a.m.


    Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic.

    Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “The community”

    Step III: Teacher explains types of community

    Step IV: Teacher states and explains members and rules in the community

    Step V: Pupils contributes and ask questions



    1. What is å community?
    2. Mention three types of communities.

    3(å) Select two kinds of communities.

    (b) State two ways in which these two communities are different from each other.


    1. List five members of å community.
    2. List three rules of å good community


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