Corruption simply refers to the act of using ones position for an unofficial or personal benefits or advantages. Corruption is a major problem in Nigeria as a nation.  It exists in every facets of Nigeria society both in private and government establishment  Corruption includes malpractice, electoral malpractice, extortion and many others.



  1. Extortion: This is an act of forcing some one or an individual to pay for a service that should be free example. When a police officer asks for money at check-point even when a drivers vehicle papers are completed.
  2. Embezzlement of funds: Embezzlement is an act of diverting money meant for official use to private or personal use e.g. if money meant for road repair is shared by the officials in charge of the contract.
  3. Bribery: it is an act of inducing someone by using monetary and non-monetary means to secure favour. Giving and taking of bribes are both punishable offences.
  4. Preferential treatment: All forms of man know man arrangements are act of corruption. This is a situation where someone gets favour, contracts or job not on the basis of qualification or merit but on the basis of friendship, tribe, and immoral relationship e.t.c.



  1. Poverty: Anyone from a poor family may likely engage in corrupt practices to bail himself and family out of poverty.
  2. Greed: A greedy fellow does not get satisfied with what he has as a result get involved in corruption of different types.
  3. Misplacement of social values
  4. Impatience
  5. Lack of commitment on the part of government
  6. Poor upbringing


  1. Explain corruption.
  2. List and explain three forms of corruption.
  3. List and explain two causes of corruption.


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