Effects of drug abuse

Effects of drug abuse on the family and society

  1. Road accident: Many road accidents occur when individuals are drunk and are under the influence of drugs.
  2. Failure in family responsibility: Drug addicts most times fail in carrying out their responsibilities in the family, especially financial responsibilities because they would have diverted all their money into buying drugs thereby neglecting their responsibilities at home

Solution to drug abuse

Drug abuse can be prevented in the following ways

  1. The school curriculum: The inclusion of the topic in primary and post primary curriculum is a good decision on part of the government it sensitizes the school children or what drug abuse is and its effects on their future
  2. Family awareness: Through mass Medici parents have more information about drug abuse and its effects parents will in turn educate their children and advice them against it
  3. Public enlightenment programmes a drug abuse. Government should intensify efforts at educating parents and youths about effects of drug abuse. Children in public and private schools should be visited while the adults (Parents) are reached through hand bills, posters, bill boards electronic media programme
  1. Schools: school authority should from time to time educate their students on the subject of drug abuse special talk should be organized where experts are invited to educate the student.



  1. Define drug abuse.
  2. List and explain two effects of drug abuse.
  3. State three solutions to drug abuse


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