Marriage: Conditions, Importance, Challenges, Problems & Solutions

The followings are some of the conditions for marriage

  1. Physical Maturity
  2. Psychological Maturity
  3. Sociological Stability
  4. Financial Readiness

Importance of Marriage in the Society

  1. Reduces immoral practices in the Society: – Marriage reduces in discriminable sexual relationship. It provides the couples the opportunity to satisfy themselves sexually.
  2. It determines family members: – Through marriage family is establishes. The man, his wife and their children makes a family.
  3. It gives couples respects and Recognition: A married man or woman is seen as a responsible person. Greater respect are given by the society to those who are married.
  4. Helps in preserving Social Values Beliefs and Culture: – Marriage produces family provides medium through which societal values are passed to the next generation  through the process of socialization.

Problems and Challenges in Marriage

  1. Unfaithfulness: – Couples must be faithful to their marital vows. Extra-marital affair is a form of unfaithfulness that has scattered many homes.
  2. Infertility: – This causes childless in the family. Except there is strong marital understanding between the couples. This could destroy a happy home.
  3. Absence of male children: – some families have broken not because of bareness but absence of a male child. This happens in families who recognize and value male children more than female.
  4. Communication Gap: This brings disaffection in home.
  5. Intruders Activities: – where couples allow parents, in laws and friends to interfere in their family issues, they are likely to run into trouble.
  6. Lack of respect and love for each other:- When couples fail to respect themselves this will create a lot of problems in the home.

Effect of Lack of readiness on marriage Relationship

  1. Constant Misunderstanding
  2. Poverty
  3. Problematic Children
  4. Separation or divorce

Solution to Challenges in Marriage.

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Demonstration of True Love
  3. Fidelity
  4. Maturity and Openness in Financial matters.
  5. Respect and Co-operation
  6. Resist third party Influence.
  7. There should be time for communication
  8. Readiness to accommodate each other’s weaknesses


  1. How can problems in marriage be resolved?
  2. Mention three effects of lack of readiness on marriage relationship
  3. Explain four importance of marriage in the society.

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