The word “values” has so many meaning, depending on the context it is used. In ordinary usage, values has to do with the monetary and non-monetary worth of a thing. Valuable items are always kept  meticulously or jealously  jewelry, expensive cars, certificates etc.

Values can be defined as the moral principles and standards, which guide human actions. Such principle are highly appreciated by people in  the society because they make society what it should be , like peaceful, progressing etc. the acceptable societal values include; honesty, integrity, courage, fortitude, loyalty, faithfulness, truthfulness to mention but just a few.

Importance of values in the society

The following are the importance of value in the society.

  1. They help in the goal setting.
  2. They determine how set goals are achieved.
  3. They promote good relationship in the society.
  4. They help in resisting pressure to conform to values we do not appreciate.
  5. They control our behavior in the society.
  6. They make us have positive influence on others.
  7. They make us happy and fulfilled.

Types of values

  1. Equality: All people have same rights
  2. Honesty: Communicating and acting truthfully
  3. Respect: This means treating people with dignity
  4. Integrity: Ability to stick to sound moral principles in every situation
  5. Contentment: A state of self -satisfaction with what one has or possesses now while working towards a better future
  6. Self- control: Ability to control ones actions
  7. Fairness: Treating people based on the principle of social justice.

How values are developed values could be developed through any of the following:

  1. Family
  2. People in the society
  3. Mass media
  4. Environment

Sources of values

  1. Family
  2. Peer group
  3. Religious teachings
  4. School environment
  5. The media
  6. Culture

Effects of value on individuals:

  1. It promotes self esteem
  2. Produces sense of fulfillment and contentment
  3. People feel supported and valued

Decision influenced by values:

  1. Choice of friends
  2. Decision whether or not to engage in sexual relationship is influenced by values
  3. Choice of career
  4. Mode of dressing
  5. Treating others especially
  6. Religion to practice

Value clarification

Values clarification is the ability to recognize your values and defend it publicly.


  1. Define values in social studies context.
  2. Explain how values can be developed.
  3. What are the importance of good values in the society.

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