Adaptability can be defined as the ability to adjust oneself to different conditions in the environment. An individual can respond to changes in their environment.

Example of adaptability is a student from citadel secondary school oke-Ibadan, oyo state resuming for the second term in Elias Secondary School, ile-epo, Lagos state.  For her to be successful academically she needs to be flexible and adapt to changes like, new teachers, new friends, new environment, etc.

Types of Adaptability

  1. Cognitive adaptability
  2. Emotional adaptability
  3. Dispositional adaptability

Cognitive Adaptability:-  This is the ability to use different thinking strategies and be mentally  alert/sound.

Emotional Adaptability:-  Some students are faced with challenges in their family which in one way or the other affect their emotions in the classroom setting or in any given environment.  Ability to be able to adapt to such conditions and never allow such to jeopardized their future is emotional adaptability.

Dispositional Adaptability:-  Ability to aim higher and at the same time have the tendency of achieving success.  Some students make the tendency of achieving success academically due to their character, ability of such learner to adapt with the teachings apply it and be successful academically is dispositional adaptability.

Importance of adaptability

  1. It enables individual to adapt to changes and new ways of doing things quickly and easily
  2. It helps people{students] to maintain positive attitude to work
  3. In a competitive and changing learning environment, it helps students to be focus and strive in achieving good success.
  4. It also helps students to be a problem solver.


  1. Define adaptability.
  2. List 3 types of adaptability
  3. Explain the types of adaptability.
  4. Highlight 3 importance of adaptability.


In a learning environment, is there any need for Adaptability? Explain in detail.

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