Common social problems are recurring problematic behaviours in our society.

Common social problems in Nigeria are.

  1. Kidnapping
  2. Armed robbery
  3. Corruption
  4. Examination malpractices
  5. Prostitutions
  6. Drug addiction
  7. Internet frau
  8. Religious and ethnic conflict
  9. Lack of cooperation
  10. Electoral malpractice etc.

Examination malpractices

This is an illegal method by students to pass examinations and acquire certificates.


  1. Laziness
  2. Incompetence teachers
  3. Parental influence
  4. Love of money
  5. Activities of corrupt school owners


  1. Diligent and hardworking students
  2. School owners that perpetrate examination malpractices should be condemned and blacklisted.
  3. Severe punishment for the offenders
  4. Provision of more facilities in schools to aid learning.


These are people with dangerous beliefs.

Its origin is traceable to the pirate confraternity founded by the Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka at University College Ibadan in 1953.  They aim to end the tribalism and colonial mentality of most Nigerians.  Now reverse is the case, they are known for violence, killing, and attacking non-members like lecturers and students who offend them.


  1. Crave for power.
  2. Search for security
  3. Influence of friends
  4. Search for love


  1. Parents should train their children at an early age in the way of the Lord.
  2. Religious leaders should organize more transforming programmes for youths.
  3. Government should give more enlightenment to society on the danger of cultism.

Causes of Social Issues and Problems

  1. Bad economy: – Many citizens engage in social problems due to loss of job, low standard of living, low level of unemployment, poverty, etc.
  2. Prenatal Neglect: – At a tender age, many youths have been neglected by their parents due to political ambition and rush for wealth such children move with corrupt friends who influence them negatively.
  3. Peer group influence: – Many youths are innocent but due to the influence of friends they engage in cult activities, fraudsters, drug addicts, armed robbers, etc.
  4. Corruption: – Many school owners, principals, teachers, and government officials encourage all forms of examination malpractices by collecting bribes from parents and students.
  5. Influence of the Internet and television: – This social media has greatly exposed many youths to bad behaviours.


  1. What are common social problems.
  2. Highlight 5 common social problems in Nigeria.
  3. State and explain 3 causes of social issues and problems in Nigeria.


what are the causes of examination malpractices as one of the social problems in a school setting?

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