Integration is the process through which different parts come together to function as a whole. Nigeria as a country with over 250 ethnic groups functioning together as one is an example of integration. Without unity, not even a two thing can function.

Needs for National Unity and Integration

  1. Nigeria is made up of more than 250 ethnic groups with varying cultures.
  2. Each of the ethnic groups had lived separately for centuries before the British Rulers brought them together.
  3. For Nigeria to develop, she needs to come together for every member to have a common sense of belonging
  4. The country can only witness development if there is adequate security.
  5. Foreign investors will establish industries when they are convinced that properties will not be destroyed either because of political, religious or ethnic crises.



  1. Define integration.
  2. What is the relevance of unity or integration?


Importance of National Unity and Integration

  1. National integration promotes peace and harmony in a society.
  2. It reduces areas of conflicts among different groups.
  3. National unity and integration ensure security of lives and properties of citizens from internal and external attacks.
  4. If there is national unity and integration, the resources in different ethnic groups could be jointly exploited and enjoyed.
  5. It allows Nigerians to live and work together in any part of the country.
  6. It promotes a sense of brotherhood and love among different cultures.



  1. Explain three importance of National unity and integration.
  2. Give an example of a resource in an ethnic exploited and enjoyed by all.



  1. List 15 ethnic groups in Nigeria.
  2. Give four resources from Nigeria that are jointly exploited and enjoyed by all.
  3. State two needs for national integration.
  4. State four characteristics of Secondary Social Group.
  5. In what way is the uniqueness of Nigerian culture seen.



  1. All but one of the following promotes unity in Nigeria NYSC     B. Nigeria Defence Academy    C. Unity Schools    D. Ethnic Militia.
  2. National unity and integration is needed in Nigeria because it is easy    B. other countries have done such   C. it facilitates a sense of belonging for every group   D. of the traditional political system
  3. The following are the necessities of integration except to reduce conflict   B. to promote political development    C. to promote peace and harmony    D. to promote cultural superiority.
  4. Integration is necessary in Nigeria to avoid growth   B. conflict    C. peace    D. fairness
  5. The act of different group of people working together in harmony so as to achieve common goal is called association    B. national pledge    C. integration    D. national symbols.
  6. The following are importance of national unity and integration except ____ A. achieving societal goals attracting foreign investment    C. economic growth   D. tarnishing societal image   E. tourism attraction (NECO 2015 Q43)
  7. The following are factors that hinder the economic development in Nigeria except ____A. corruption
  8. due process C. insurgency D. pipeline vandalism   E. poor leadership



  1. What is National integration?
  2. List four importance of National integration


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