Abstinence II

Skills and behaviours that enhance abstinence.

  1. Decision making: – A heart just like Joseph that says “For me to do this and sin against God, God forbid” should be the watchword of all youths and teenagers before marriage.
  2. Self-Control: – Self-discipline by allowing the spirit of God needs to be possessed by all youth.
  3. Knowledge about the danger of sexual intercourse before marriage helps one in moving from it.
  4. Communication: – Individuals must be able to advise anyone whose heart is full of immoral thoughts about the consequence and be able to move away from such a person.

Facts and benefits of Abstinence from sexual intercourse.

  1. It is the best for prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs
  2. It is a good precaution against teenage pregnancy.
  3. It does not affect reproduction organs when married.
  4. It helps in boosting self-esteem.
  5. It makes one highly respected and honoured.
  6. It is the best way to please God before marriage.
  7. It is the glory of the youths.

Benefits of Abstinence from Sexual Intercourse

  1. It preserves someone’s virginity.
  2. It helps one to be focused on pursuing life goals.
  3. It prevents HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
  4. It prevents unwanted pregnancy.
  5. It boosts self-esteem.


(i)  State 3 skills and behaviours that enhances abstinence

(ii)  Highlight 5 facts about abstinence

(iii)  What are the benefits of Abstaining from sexual intercourse?


Write the full meaning of:

(a)  HIV

(b)  AIDS

(c)  STD

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