JSS 1 Social Studies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Social Studies


Safety needs and measures in home, school and work environment.

Safety is a situation which prevents any form of injury while performing any activities. Safety is a precaution against injury while performing any activities. A safe community takes responsibility for supporting its members and each member is well valued.

Needs/Reason for Safety in our community.

  1. To prevent loss of life
  2. To prevent avoidable accidents
  3. To prevent damage to properties
  4. To prevent temporary or permanent disabilities.
  5. It enhances youth employment.

Safety measures in Home, School and Workplace.

At Home

  1. Gas cylinder should be properly closed to prevent gas leakage.
  2. Proper disposal of waste
  3. Car keys should be kept away from children and youths.
  4. All drugs should be taken far away from children’s reach.
  5. To prevent electronic shocks the house should be properly wired by professionals.

School Environments

  1. The school building should be properly constructed.
  2. Fire extinguishers should be provided in strategic places such as laboratories, offices, kitchens, and healing bays. Etc.
  3. School hall should be well-ventilated.
  4. First aid kits should be provided in laboratories, school clinics etc.
  5. School food should be hygienically prepared and served to avoid food poisoning.

Work Environment

  1. Original sockets, plugs and other electrical appliances should be used in offices.
  2. Proper wiring of the building should be put in place.
  3. Smoking should be disallowed in all offices and restricted to certain areas for instance restaurants.
  4. Periodic training for staff on how to prevent forms of accidents in the workplace by the safety manager.
  5. Staff should put off all electrical gadgets after office hours.

Safety guidelines for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists.

A pedestrian: – This is a person who goes or travels on foot ( a walker).

A cyclist: – This is a person who rides or travels by bicycle, etc.

A Motorcyclist: – This is a person who rides or operates a motorcycle.

A motorist: – Someone who drives a car.

Safety Guidelines

Pedestrians: –

  1. They should walk opposite traffic rather than backing it while they walk on the road.
  2. Pedestrians should wear bright-coloured materials while working at night.
  3. They should look left, right and left again before crossing.
  4. They should use pedestrian bridges where provided.

Motorist: –

  1. Motorists should never drink alcohol before and when driving.
  2. They should not over speed
  3. They should never make or receive phone calls while driving.
  4. Seat belt should be worn every time.
  5. They should strictly obey all road signs.
  6. Ensure proper vehicle maintenance.

Cyclists and Motorcyclists.

  1. They should wear a helmet.
  2. They must not carry more than one passenger.
  3. They should observe all road signs.
  4. They should avoid abnormal horns.
  5. Proper maintenance of motorcycles.
  6. Keep the maximum speed limit.


(1)       Define the following:

(a)       Safety

(b)       Motorists

(c)       Cyclists

(d)       Pedestrians

(e)       Motorcyclists

(2)       State 5 traffic guidelines


Is there any need for safety in our community? Explain 3 needs for safety in your community.

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