Safety clubs as an agent of socialization

Socialization is a process of learning acceptable behaviours of the society in which one lives.

Agents of Socialization

  1. Family
  2. The school
  3. Peer groups
  4. The mass media
  5. Religious groups
  6. Voluntary organizations such as boys scout, red cross, boys brigade, girls brigade, rotary clubs, young men Christian Association, road safety club etc.

History of road safety club

  1. FRSC was established in the year 2007.
  2. RSC is an arm of the Federal Road safety commission.
  3. It was inaugurated in secondary schools in the year 2012.
  4. it aims to train students on road safety rules.

Forming Road Safety Club

  1. The school write a letter to the federal road safety commission.
  2. A visit from the federal road safety commission to the school
  3. Necessary instructions are given to the school authorities who will help in organizing the students.
  4. Inauguration day is fixed by the commission.
  5. Election of major officers such as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary etc.
  6. The road safety coordinator heads and directs the activities of the club in the school.
  7. Club members participate in programs organized by the federal road safety corps for schools within their commands.

All these provide opportunities for club members from other schools to interact and socialize freely.

Role of Road Safety Clubs in Socialization of Youths.

  1. Creating a conducive atmosphere for members to interact
  2. It inculcates good morals and values.
  3. It provides opportunities for students to learn road safety rules.
  4. It helps the member to be exposed to paramilitary training.
  5. It helps students to become responsible leaders.
  6. It helps members to report any road crash to the nearest FRSC office or any relevant body for assistance.


  1. What is socialization?
  2. Highlight 5 agents of socialization.
  3. How can a road safety club be formed in a school?
  4. What are the roles of road safety clubs in socializing the youths?
  5. State a brief history of RSC.


How can a road safety club be formed in your school?

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