These are problems caused by nature and man within our surroundings.

Environmental problems are of two types:-

  1. Natural environmental problems
  2. Man-made environmental problems



  1. Drought:- This refers to absence of rainfall over of period of time in a particular place. It has a great effect of plant’s life, animal life and human beings at large.
  2. Earth Quake:- This is a sudden, violent shaking of the earth’s surface as a result of a great release of energy in earth crust. Earthquake causes damage to  buildings and other infrastructures.
  3. Erosion:- It refers to the washing away or removal of the earth surface (Soil) through consistent flowing of water.
  4. Flooding:- This is a situation where a large value of water settles on dry land meant  for human transportation.
  5. Volcanic Eruption:- This is the eruption of lava, ashes and gases from the opening (cracks) in a hill or mountain.
  6. Global warming:- This refers to increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere, oceans and landmass on earth.
  7. Tornado: This is a evident storm with a very strong winds which move in a circle in some cases, there is a long cloud which is narrower at the bottom that the top as a form of narrow funnel
  8. Hurricane: This is a very powerful storm with story winds and heavy RAINS
  9. Cyclone: This refers to a violent and strong storm in which strong winds rotate in a circle

Man-made environmental problems

  1. Air Pollution: This is a great release of unwanted and dangerous substances like fumes, smokes, dust into the atmosphere such dangerous substances affect health living, it’s effects are skin cancer, eyes irritation, legs cancer, acid rain etc.
  2. Water pollution: This is a release of pollutions i.e. chemicals into water-rivers oceans, seas etc. This pollution majorly comes from industries during oil spillage, discharge of chemical into water etc. It has effects on aquatic crenels
  3. Land pollution: It wolves continuation of land with toxic substances such as oil spillage. Niger delta area of Nigeria is a typical example of such pollution
  4. Deforestation: This is the indiscriminate felling of trees and clearing of vegetation


Effects of Environmental Problems

  1. Loss of lives and properties: Environmental problems like earthquake, volcano, tomato usually cause irredeemable losses when they occur
  2. Spread of diseases: Air and water pollution will cause the spread of air and water-borne diseases
  3. Destruction of animals and plants: occur rence of earthquake, tornado, hurricane, land and water pollutions will to destruction of plants and animals
  4. Low agricultural productivity: Natural and non-made environmental problems hinder agricultural activities by formers which eventually lead to tack of food for the populace
  5. Ozone depletion: It exposes people to skin cancer and cataracts. There will also be increase in schematic natural disasters due to global warmly

Solutions to environmental problems

  1. Education: Government should put move efforts at educating the populace about the effects of non-made environmental problems
  2. Legislation: Law should be enacted to prohibit air, water and land pollution and deforestation
  3. Sanction: Any citizen who fails to abide with environmental pollution land enacted by the government should be dealt with to act as a deterrent to others
  4. Tree planting exercises: Government should encourage individuals to plant trees by making the nurseries (where young plant and animals are ground for sale or for planting somewhere else) available at subsidized rates to people
  5. Localization of industries: Industries should be sited in designated areas for easy monitoring of their activates
  6. Proper disposal of wastes aid sewage: Definite sites should be provided at strategically located areas you dumping of refuse by the Government likewise, they should monitor the activities of sewage transportation to ensure proper disposal to the right place


  • what are environmental problems?
  • List the types and explain
  • State the effects of environmental problems
  • Highlight the solution


Explain two environmental problems common in Nigeria in detail and profound solution to such environmental problems.


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