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    This is an act of being in a secret cult (most especially in an educational institution) whereby the group members uphold same belief, ideology, interest etc. Members of secret cult are often in the possession of dangerous weapons.


    Cultism is anti-social behaviour which is a deviant act. It is at variance with established norms of behaviour. It is non-conforming behaivour which usually contravenes the social rules of an institution in particular and the society in general. Cult activities were first noticed in the University of Ibadan (then University College) in 1952.


    Causes of Cultism

    1. Lack of parental care: Some parents are too busy to cater for their children and this gives the children the liberty to join any group they wants to join.
    2. Greed:This could be over ambitiousto possess material things or to be in control.
    3. Peer group influence:People who are not confident of themselves or who like moving with the crowd will easily be lured into cultism.
    4. Academic failure: Some students who are academically weak could, through cultism force lecturers to award marks to them.
    5. External support: Some people pose as godfathers to the cultists. They always give them money and implore them to do wrong things for them.
    6. Unemployment: This brings about insecurity and in the bid to obtain the good things of life. They could go to any length.



    1. Define cultism.
    2. List and explain four (4) causes of unemployment.


    Effects of Cultism

    The following are consequences of cultism.

    • Rapid fall in the standard of education: Most often that schools are closed down as a result of riots which is usually started violently by cult groups.
    • High level of moral decadence: Due to the reckless living of the cult groups, some youths end up to be political thugs, hired assassins etc. and become a problem to the nation at large.
    • Untimely death:Many lives have been cut short through cult’s rampage. Rival groups as well as innocent people are killed.
    • Expulsion and rustication of students: Students engaged in cultism are expelled and rusticated/suspended from school and college.


    Solutions to Cultism

    1. Parents should educate their wards concerning the vices of cultism and monitor them. Apart from that, give good home training.
    2. Students should also be advised by lecturers (teacher) on the dangers of cultism even during teaching.
    3. The influential people giving support to secret cult’s members should be punished.
    4. Government should also help out in combating this problem.
    5. Religious institution should educate their followers especially students about the evil of cultism.
    6. It may lead to violence and encourage criminal behaviour among the students.



    1. State three (3) effects of cultism
    2. What are the solutions to cultism?



    1. State how cultism could be eradicated
    2. From the causes above, which one does this saying ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ tallies with?
    3. Define Culture.
    4. Differentiate between the types of physical environment.



    Objective Questions

    1. For some youths to end up becoming political thug, hired assassins etc. is as a result of untimely death    B. pride     C. high level of moral decadence     D. academic failure
    2. The bad idea of belonging to a secret society in institution is called unionism    B. freedom fighters      C. socialism     D. cultism
    3. One of the following is not a cause of cultism in Nigeria. greed   B. academic failure    C. drug abuse    D contentment
    4. One of the following is not a solution to cultism. counselling    B. punishment    C. external support   D. security
    5. __________ lives are lost during cultist clashes. Innocent   B. cultists     C. Both innocent and cultists     D. Students
    6. Which of the following is not a cause of cultism Drug influence    B. Environmental influence    C. Peer group influence     D. Poor home background     E. Proper parental care
    7. The following are considered as societal problems except Corruption    B. Cultism     C. Dialogue    D. Poverty    E. Thuggery
    8. To curb cultism, students should arrest cultists    B. Encourage cultism    C. Fear cultism    D. Fight with cult member   E. Say “NO” to cultism



    1. What is cultism?
    2. Discuss how academic failure could make one to join cult.


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