1. Which of these is positive social behavior? A. Dishonesty B. Sincerity C. Stealing
  2. Truancy
  3. Why do schools have rules and regulations? A. To make students to disobey B. To enable teachers punish student C. To make teachers and students go into conflict D. To guarantee individual human rights
  4. The most important function of the family is __________ A. eating together B. doing things in common C. reproduction of human race D. spending leisure together
  5. Abstinence means ________ A. not engaging in sexual activities B. having sex C. having sexually transmitted diseases D. having sex with different types of people
  6. All of these are qualities of a good friend EXCEPT ________ A. forgiveness
  7. selfishness C. keeping confidence D. sharing
  8. Man influences his environment through the aid of _________ A. amenities B. technical expirees C. science D. science and technology
  9. All these are known to be non-material culture EXCEPT _________ A. music B. dance
  10. stones D. language
  11. All these are behaviours that enhance sexual abstinence EXCEPT _______ A.decision making B. negotiation C. self-control D. regular sex
  12. The following are the effects of examination malpractices EXCEPT ________
  13. innocent students may become victims B. it leads to production of dishonest citizens C. there will be confidence in the educational system of the country D. cancellation of results
  14. Which of these is not a component of man’s social environment? A. Tradition and custom B. people’s religion C. method of production D. hill and valleys
  15. Squatting when greeting is common to the ________ A. Hausas B. Yorubas C. Igbos
  16. Ilajes
  17. The following are the contemporary social problems in Nigeria except_____
  18. Corruption B. cultism C. Examination malpractice D. HIV/AIDS
  19. The first agent of socialization is the_____A. church mother     C. father     D. family
  20. Safety is needed mainly to __________ Prevent loss of life    B. Prevent war and riots    C. Help the needy     D. De-congest hospitals and clinics
  21. Which of these accidents may not occur in a classroom? Electric shock    B. Bruises from running    C. Falling of ceiling fans     D. Drowning in the swimming pool
  22. The best way to resolve a conflict is __________ Through dialogue    B. Through violent protest    C. Through destruction of government properties    D. Through inter-tribal wars
  23. Learning through things that are no planned or intended to occur is called Role learning    B. Direct learning    C. Incidental learning    D. Accidental learning
  24. Material culture includes all these except _____ A. clothing B. music C. art works
  25. cooking utensils
  26. Which of the following will a good choice of friends produce in a child? Stealing    B. Stubbornness     C. Courtesy     D. Pride
  27. People’s way of life can be regarded as_____ A. Culture B. Integration C. Custom Identity



  1. (a) Define abstinence

(b) Mention five reason for abstaining from sexual intercourse.

(c) Mention three skills that enhance sexual abstinence.

  1. (a) What is Social Studies?

(b) Mention five objectives of Social Studies.

(c) Gives two examples each of the two environments.

  1. (a) Define friendship.

(b) Mention four behaviour that enhance friendship.

(c) Mention four crimes that you know.

  1. (a) What is safety?

(b) Mention four reasons for safety.


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