Negotiation II

Everyone negotiates. It is part of socializing, working, marriage etc. People need to negotiate in many situation of dealing with peer pressure, participating in a team game, when going on a date and when making sexual decisions.


Factors that Influence Negotiation

  1. Effective Communication Skills: – Negotiation is an intense process, involving exchange of messages. A good negotiator needs to have a good command over Language.
  2. Maintaining one’s self-esteem:
  3. Upholding one’s Values: – Trust and mutual confidence are very relevant in any process of negotiation. People who are known to be honest, sincere, steady and reliable have an edge when they enter the process of negotiation. Credibility as a value is essential in the sense that both the parties involved in negotiation must possess.
  4. Discussion: – Adequate and reliable information about the various issues involved is essential for ensuring the success of a negotiation exercise. Effective negotiation often involves hard bargaining and well-informed teams enjoy better bargaining power.


Negotiation and Refusal Skills

  1. Prevention is the best medicine: Just say “NO”, if you are not prepared to have sex. Always know that there is nothing wrong with abstinence. You don’t show affection towards your partner through sex. Learn to say “NO” without hurting anyone’s feelings.
  2. Careful observation of the other person.
  3. Use of positive body language.
  4. Good verbal communication.
  5. Imagining oneself in the other person’s position.
  6. Identifying all the options in the situation.
  7. Reaching a mutual agreement.


Advantages of Negotiation

  1. Trust: – Trust is the building block of all relationships, includes those in business. For instance, face-to-face negotiations provide a much better formation forsmall-talk and building rapport with someone met for the first time. Negotiators can make assessment of facial expression, appearance, tone of voice and other personality and communication tracts.
  2. Less Conflict: – With face-to-face communication one has more interactive communication that allows for immediate feedback and discussion with non-verbal content.
  3. Focus: – Face-to-face negotiations allow both parties to focus on their respective needs and distractions from other employees in offices or issues with the connection.
  4. Better Result: – The most significance of negotiating face-to-face is an increased likelihood for a mutually beneficial resolution. Negotiators show commitment to finding an agreeable resolution.
  5. It promotes self-respect and tolerance.
  6. It enhances personal development and social harmony.


Negotiating Safer Sexual Behaviour

It is very important to talk with your partner about your feelings. The discussion must be open and honest in such a way that it can both protect you and correct some misunderstanding. Adults should talk about what should be and how they will practice safer sex in future.


Negotiation Techniques


S – Say ‘NO’ effectively

W – Why (give a clear reason for your decision)

A – Suggest an alternative (if you feel like)

T – Talk it out (Discuss your feelings)


Negotiation /Delay / Refusal skills

Below is an illustration of a refusal skill or discussion.

1. Giving a reason or a skills Mr. A: Let’s have sex… You’ll love it.

Miss B: I am going to wait until I am married.

2. Walk away Mr. A: Why don’t we go upstairs and be alone?

Miss B: Actually I’m really having fun at the party, (and walk away as she says it).

3. Avoiding the situation Avoid getting into situations where you will pressuredinto having sex. Example: don’t to a party if you are not comfortable with the people that are going to be there.
4. Changing the subject Mr. A: Let’s go upstairs, I have something to show you

Miss B: But it’s so much fun down here! Let’s hang out with our friends.

5. Discuss the consequences Mr. A: Don’tworry, if you get pregnant we will marry each other.

Miss B: Of course, I am worried. I don’t want to get marry yet.

6. Reverse  the pressure If someone is pressuring you try to reverse the pressure.

Miss B: I don’t feel like risking my own life for a few minutqaes of pleasure… Do you?

7. Separate the person and the activity Tell the person that even though you do not want to take part in the activity with them doesn’t mean that you don’t like them.
8. Honest and confident Have a honest and confident  discussion with your partner.
9. Delay the activity Mr. A: Let’s have sex, come on.

Miss B: Not just yet, I’m not ready.



  1. Mention five advantages of negotiation.
  2. Mention two factors that influence negotiation.



  1. Explain the negotiation techniques.
  2. Explain the skills necessary for effective negotiation.
  3. List and explain the steps in negotiation



  1. The following are advantages of negotiation except ____ A. acceptance of responsibility B. enhancement of personal development promotion of self-respect     E. non-tolerance
  2. Negotiation can resolve ____ A. conflicts information     C. man     D. solution
  3. Suggesting an alternative is a negotiation technique. Yes/No
  4. Discussion must be open and honest. Yes/No
  5. Negotiation promotes acceptance of responsibility. Yes/No



  1. What is negotiation?
  2. List and explain the steps in negotiation.
  3. What are the advantages of negotiation?


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