JSS 1 Social Studies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Social Studies


Meaning of Negotiation

Negotiation is a means of getting one’s needs through the process of discussion and exchange of ideas. It can also be defined as a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome. It is a method by which people settle differences. It involves the use of creative problem solving skills in resolving such conflicts. Business wise, it can be seen as a bargaining (give and take) process between two or more parties.


A good negotiator plans a strategic approach but prepares for the unexpected. Preparation entails gathering and assessing as many facts as possible.


Situation That May Need Negotiation

  1. Leadership tussle or problem
  2. Use of contraceptives
  3. To have or not to have sexual intercourse
  4. The type of parties to attend
  5. The club to join; membership of peer group



  1. What is negotiation?
  2. Mention three situations that may need negotiation.


Steps in Successful Negotiation

  1. State your position using ‘I’ statements, say what you want or need (e.g. I would like to make more money).
  2. Listen to the other person’s position.
  • Find out what the other person wants or needs.
  1. Restate the person’s position to be sure you understand it.
  2. Both parties should consider their needs and purposes, then create alternatives that will work for both.
  3. Agree on a solution. Try it out and if it does not work start the process all over.
  • Get an adult (parents, pastor etc.) to intervene when physical force is involved.


General Evaluation/Revision Question

  1. The following are conflict resolution method except Dialogue     B. Hatred     C. Mediation     D. Negotiation    E. Tolerance
  2. A good citizen should exhibit all the following except honesty    B. Integrity    C. Patriotism    D. Selfishness    E. Tolerance
  3. Disagreement which leads to lockouts, strikes civil disobedience, resolution and war is called __________ Agreement     B. Conflict    C. Harmony     D. Peace    E. Promotion
  4. A good _________ plans a strategic approach and prepares for the unexpected marketer   B. buyer    C. negotiator    D. teacher    E. banker
  5. _____________ can intervene when physical force is involved Baby     B. Pastor     C. Friend    D. Stranger     E. Hair dresser



  1. ____ is a discussion aimed at arriving at a peaceful agreement Conflict    B. Socialization    C. Peer group     D. Negotiation
  2. Effective communication is essential in any negotiation. Yes or No
  3. To ____ people must have the ability to exchange ideas, concerns, proposals and arguments. contest       B. socialize      C. negotiate     D. money
  4. Negotiation promotes understanding and tolerance. Yes or No
  5. Negotiation works best when a problem/conflict is addressed in its early stage. Yes or No



  1. What is negotiation?
  2. Mention three suitable that may need negotiation.


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