Meaning of religion

Religion is an organized collection of belief systems where humanity relates to divinity or spirituality. It is also an outward expression of belief in God or a deity.  It can also be defined as the belief in the existence of God and His supremacy

Types of religion

There are basically three types of religion; the Christianity, Islam and the African Traditional Religion (ATR).

  1. Christianity: This religion believes in the existence of God and His son Jesus Christ. The Holy book of the Christians is the holy bible, it contains the old and new testament. The Christians worship in the church, Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The activities Christians perform include Christmas, Easter, holy pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
  2. Islam: Those who practice Islam are called Muslims. The Muslims worship in the mosque. The holy book of the Islam is the Quran, the Quran is believed to be the book that contains the verbatim word of God. The Mohammed according to Islam is considered to be the last prophet of God. Islam has basically five pillars of worship which are (1) giving of alms to the poor (2) belief in one God (3) praying five times daily (4) fasting during the month of Ramadan (5) pilgrimage to the holy land (Mecca).
  3. African Traditional Religion (ATR): The African Traditional Religion has many gods and goddesses that people worship in different part of Nigeria. Before Christianity and Islam came to Africa, Africa had their own idea about God or the existence of a deity which marks their traditional worship. This religion worship God through gods or goddesses which they believe act as intermediary through which God can be accessed.

Names we call God in different communities in Nigeria:

Hausas           –           Allah, Ubangiji

Yorubas         –           Olorun, Oluwa, Olodumare

Igbos              –           Chukwu, Chineke

Efik                 –           Abasi

Edo                 –           Osanobua

Egun               –           Mahu

Nupe              –           Soko

Tiv                   –           Anados

Benefits of religion

  1. It provides agencies for socialization.
  2. It promotes peace and friendliness.
  3. It promotes moral standards by preaching honesty, integrity and holiness.
  4. It creates avenue to have fellowship with God.

Similarities in the lessons our religion teaches us:

  1. Teaches us to love one another.
  2. Teaches us honesty.
  3. Teaches us holiness, i.e how to desist from evil of any kind.
  4. Teaches us patience.
  5. Teaches us tolerance; learning to bear with people and relate well with others.
  6. Teaches us faith in God.


  1. Define religion.
  2. Mention five names of God and meaning in different Nigerian communities.
  3. Mention three benefits of religion.

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