JSS 2 Social Studies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Social Studies

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal act of carrying or transporting hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, Indian heir and many others within or outside the comply.

Reasons for drug trafficking

  1. Unemployment
  2. Bad company
  3. Poverty
  4. Greed
  5. Ignorance


Consequence of drug trafficking

  1. Life imprisonment: Those caught and convicted will have a life jail term
  2. Dents the Nations image whose citizens are known for drug trafficking are always avoided today many Nigerians face a lot of embarrassment while they travel abroad because drug barons have dented their image
  3. Increase crime rate: Most of those who takes hard drugs always engage in crimes like armed robbery, organism, violence, lusting and many others
  4. Brigs shame to the family: Those caught in drug trafficking always brigs disgrace and shame to their family people in the community will of avoiding them
  5. Untimely death: People who carries hard drugs by swallowing then dies suddenly


Prevention of drug trafficking

  1. Educating: Children in primary and secondary schools should be expose to basic fact about drug trafficking. This removes ignorance and tendency to be hired into the act by drug barons
  2. Provision of more jobs: government should initiate policy that will head to job creation
  3. Property alleviation programme: the government should rigorously pursue. It poverty alleviation programme more skill acquisition centers should be established in all to call government in Nigeria so that more youth can learn skills that can earn them income legally
  4. Support for law enforcement against government of should give more support to NDLEA police and other agencies fighting drug trafficking in Nigeria. More funds should be provided and necessary laws should be made to ease their job



  1. What do you understand by drug trafficking
  2. List and explain three consequences of drug trafficking.
  3. Mention 5 ways of preventing drug trafficking.


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