JSS 2 Social Studies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Social Studies


Meaning of group behaviour according to Wikipedia, refers to the situations where people interact in large or small groups. A group can be described as a collection of two or more individuals interdependently interacting to achieve their common goals


Reasons for walking in group

  1. To reduce insecurity of working or standing alone
  2. To get recognition and status in the society
  3. To enjoy feelings of self-worth
  4. To enjoy success that comes through group work or action
  5. To pool talents or power layette to complete a given task.


Types of group behaviour

  1. Mass action: This refers to group sopranos actions to an incident. The members of the group takes the same action at the same time in response to an incident most of such action are against normal ways of people given juice justice to a thief cut stealing in the market instead of handling him over to the police
  2. Spectators: This are group of people who gathered together to watch a life event. This could be football match drama concert etc. they are always peaceful and react the same way to what they watch for distance after the end of a march, almost everyone wants to analyze the lost goal chars and so on
  3. Peaceful Demonstration of protest: This type of group behaviour accurse when people peacefully show their grievances for neglect marginalization ordinal of their right over a period of time. It could be within people of the same profession bride and strict
  4. Bullying: This is very common among students in secondary schools particularly in secondary boarding schools. A group of senior students may force the junior over to donate


  1. Define group behaviour.
  2. Mention three reasons for group behaviour.
  3. List and explain three types of group behaviour.


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