Drug abuse

Drug abuse is the abnormal intake of drug or any other substances. It can also be described as the illegal or wrong use of drugs and other



Forms of drug abuse

  1. Usage of drug not prescribed by doctors
  2. Using overdose of prescribed drugs
  3. Intake of herd drugs like marijuana heroin, cocaine and many others
  4. Frequent intake of alcohol kola-nut, coffee, analgesic tablets etc
  5. Habitual, intake of drug even when it is unnecessary
  6. Dependence on sleep inducing drugs



  1. Bad company close contact with those who take Indian hemp, cocaine may negatively influence someone to start the bad hobbit habit
  2. Need to suspend psychological problems. Some feel the best way to forget their sorrow suppress, anxiety, frustration and sadness is to drink heavily, smoke cigarette or take any hard drug
  3. Need to exhibit negative behaviour or face people. Some people believe that drug intake helps them to be bold enough to face difficult people and situation
  4. Easy access to drugs those who have essay assess to cigarette Indian hemp and other hard drugs are susceptible to drug abuse
  5. Need to keep awake: Some people go into drugs abuse because of the need to keep awake during the day or night. Students preparing for examinations are found of taking kola-nut excessively to read all though the night
  6. Poverty: Those who are not financially alright prefer self medicating to visiting hospital to consult medical doctor


Effects and consequences of drug abuse

  1. Mental disorder
  2. Death
  3. Broken home
  4. Loss of jobs
  5. Abnormal behaviour



  1. What do you understand by drug trafficking?
  2. Give five reasons why people engage in for drug
  3. List four ways of preventing drug trafficking


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