Examples of a Web Design Package

Examples are as follows:

  1. iWeb: iWeb allows users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies. iWeb integrates with other services, including Facebook, YouTube, Google Adsense and Google Maps. It allows user to create a website in just a few minutes without the knowledge of programming or HTML. iWeb provides beautiful, Apple-designed templates that you can easily customized so don’t have to worry about design.


  1. Microsoft FrontPage: It is a web tool that allow users to create accustom web sites without having to know HTML code. It helps you to manage the pages in your web as well as create and edit web pages in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WHSIWYG) fashion.


  1. Adobe Dreamweaver: It is a web design package that is suitable for everything from simple page design to development of dynamic pages written with ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, CSS, XML, XSLT, and JavaScript. Dreamweaver is the most powerful, most fully featured web developer tool. It combines a great WYSIWYG editor, an FTP client, and a convenient scripting environment.


  1. Microsoft Expression Web & Studio: It is a web design tool you can use to design and developed web pages using XML, CSS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, XHTML, XSLT, PHP and JAVAScript. Expression Web requires .NET Framework and Silverlight to install and run. It uses its own standards-based rendering engine which is different from internet Explorer’s Trident engine.


  1. Webplus X4: Is the quick and easy way for anyone who wants to create and publish eye-catching desktop and mobile sites, without having to use any code.


  1. NetObjects Fusion: Are commercial programs with a graphical user interfaces and generates HTML or XHTML through its own proprietary database.


  1. Amaya: Is a free and open source WHYSIWYG authoring tool with browsing abilities. It has XML-based capabilities such as XHTML, MathML and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It displays free and open image formats such as PNG and SVG, as well as a subset of SVG animation.



  1. What is WHYSIWYG?
  2. Mention one commercial web design package


General Evaluation

  1. Explain the term web design.
  2. Mention four examples of web design package and where they are used.




Instruction: Choose the correct option from the ones lettered  A to D

1          ___ allows users to create website and blogs and customized them with their own text,
photos and movies (a) Microsoft Frontpage   (b) iweb (c) Dreamweaver (d) Amaya

  1. ___ is a web tool that allow users to create accustom websites without having to know HTML code(a)Microsoft Frontpage(b) iweb  (c) Dreamweaver  (d) Amaya
  2. One of the following is not an example of a web design package (a) iWeb

(b) CorelDraw (c) Microsoft Frontpage(d) Amaya

  1. ___ is the most powerful, most fully featured web developer tool (a) Microsoft Frontpage (b) iweb (c) Dreamweaver (d) Amaya
  2. Which of the following web design tool is both a design and developer tool …………

(a) Expression Web (b) Dreamweaver           (c) Frontapage (d) Amaya



  1. List and explain four examples of a web design package
  2. Explain the following examples of web design package(a)iweb (b)Dreamweaver
    (c) Microsoft Frontpage


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