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Data Processing (secondary)


INPUT DATA After the field names and their data types have been specified, then records are stored in the database by specifying the appropriate input. In MS Access, to input a data: Double click on the Student Table at the left hand pane of MS Access windows Enter the data beneath the field names and …


Data Processing (secondary)


Database packages are used to design a database in a computer. Example of a common database package is Microsoft Access. MS Access is a Relational Database Management System used to create and modify databases. USING MS- ACCESS FOR DATABASE To create a database on the computer with MS Access Load MS Access: do the following; …


Data Processing (secondary)


Database is an application that is used to store information in a structured way. It is a collection of records or data in an organized form. A database management system is a collection of computer software that enables users to define, create and maintain a database. A database management system (DBMS) is a computer application …


Data Processing (secondary)

Spreadsheet: Examples, Microsoft Excel & Formulas in MS Excel

EXAMPLES OF SPREADSHEET There are various types of spreadsheet software which include: Microsoft excel Lotus 1-2-3, Starview, Supercal etc.   MICROSOFT-EXCEL Out of the many examples of spreadsheet packages, Microsoft excel is the most commonly used because of its friendly features. Microsoft excel is part of Microsoft suite. The suite comes in various version such …

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Data Processing (secondary)

Examples of Word Processor

A word processor is a computer software application that performs the task of creation and printing of electronic documents. There are several types of word processors; they include Word Perfect, Word Star, MS-Word, Loco Script, Ami-Pro, Word Craft, and WordPad etc. Microsoft Word: it is part of the Microsoft office suite. Word consistently wins the …

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Data Processing (secondary)


Word processing is the phrase used to describe using a computer to create, edit and print documents. It is also the creation, input, editing and production of a document with a computerized device. A word processing package enables you to type in and manipulate text.  It helps you to enter, store, format, copy and print …


Data Processing (secondary)

Maintenance of Computer

Step 1: Disconnect the mouse cable from the back of the computer case.

Step 2: Lightly dampen a cleaning cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the outside of the  
             computer mouse and mo

Data Processing (secondary)

Graphical Package III

Loading CorelDraw Application

To access the CorelDraw application, take the following steps:

Click on the start button
Point to all Program
Point to CorelDraw Graphic Suite 12 (Depending on the version you are using)
Select CorelDraw

Data Processing (secondary)

Operational Tools

The operational tools are as follows: The Toolbox The toolbox provides you with operational tools. The basic categories of tools are: Utility Tools Diagramming Objects Interactive Tools Painting Tools   Utility Tools The Pick Tool For selecting objects. For moving, sizing, rotating and skewing object.   The Shape Tool For editing the shapes of the …

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Data Processing (secondary)

GRAPHICS | CorelDraw

Computer Graphics are graphics created using computer and, more generally, the representation and manipulation of image data by a computer.   Examples of Graphics Packages Paint CorelDraw Adobe Photoshop Harvard graphics Print Master Ventura Photoshop Pro Adobe Page Maker   Features of CorelDraw or CorelDraw Environment Title Bar The title bar displays the name of …

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Data Processing (secondary)


Examples of a Web Design Package

Examples are as follows:

iWeb: iWeb allows users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies. iWeb integrates with other services, including Facebook, YouTube, Google Adsense and Google Maps.

Data Processing (secondary)

Web Design Package II

A Solid Layout: In web design, the foundation is your layout. Laying out a web design involves placing all the content and navigational elements.

Effective Typography: It is the flow of the words and it is important for a web design’s typography to be easy to read and follow while establishing structure and hierarchy within the content.

Data Processing (secondary)


Website design means planning, creation and updating of websites. Website design also involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout colors, contrasts, fonts and photography as well as icons design. All these website elements combined together to form websites.   Understanding a Web Page A web page is a text file containing …


Data Processing (secondary)

Features of a Presentation Package

A presentation package has certain features such as: Creation of Slides: to create presentations, group of slides are created. Presentation packages contain slides. Insertion of Pictures: presentation packages allow users to insert pictures and objects into their presentation from external sources. Insertion of Video and Audio: presentation packages allow users to insert video and audio …

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Commerce (SS)

Presentation Package

A presentation package is a computer software package that is used to display information usually in form of a slide show.


Examples of presentation package

Microsoft PowerPoint

Macromedia flash

Windows movie maker

Data Processing (secondary)

Functions of Operating System

An operating system is a group of computer programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices. It is the first program loaded into the computer by a boot program and remains in memory at all times. Functions of an operating system The basic functions of an operating system are: Booting the computer Performs …

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Data Processing (secondary)

Examples of Operating System

Definition: An operating system is a collection of programs that control the application software that users run and provides a link between the hardware and software currently running on the computer. The operating system is also responsible for the management and control of all resources (memory, hard drives, monitor, etc.) that are shared amongst the …

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