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Examples of Word Processor

    A word processor is a computer software application that performs the task of creation and printing of electronic documents. There are several types of word processors; they include Word Perfect, Word Star, MS-Word, Loco Script, Ami-Pro, Word Craft, and WordPad etc.

    1. Microsoft Word: it is part of the Microsoft office suite. Word consistently wins the title of the most widely word processing program worldwide. Besides basic word processing functions. Word also has desktop publishing capabilities. All the Microsoft office programs have the capacity to work together. An excel worksheet can exist within a word document. Word also has the power to easily merge with Excel lists or from an access database files.
    2. Corel Word Perfect: word perfect suite contains several software programs essential for business and home users. The suite comes with WordPerfect word, QuattroPro spreadsheet program, Corel presentations and WordPerfect mail.
    3. OpenOffice: The OpenOffice suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database and graphics editor. As with Microsoft office, the OpenOffice programs also work with one another.


    The simplest programs that do word processing are known as text editors. These programs are designed to be small, simple and cheap. Almost all operating system made comes with at least one text editor-built in. most editors are saved files in a special format called ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). Text editors are wonderful programs. The most common text editor is the notepad which comes with windows. Others are:

    • Edit which comes with Disk Operating System (DOS).
    • SimpleText which comes with Macintosh.


    The major difference between a text editor and word processor is that word processors have special features that are used to beautify texts. They have varieties of colors and other icons while the text editors can only accept text with little features such as changing of font’s colours, sizes, etc. The common type of text editor is the notepad that comes with window systems.



    1. Why is Microsoft Word preferred over other word processor?
    2. Differentiate between a text editor and a word processor.
    3. List two types of text editor.
    4. What is Microsoft word?
    5. Define word processor.
    6. List the types of word processors.



    1. Computer software that performs the task of creation and printing of electronic documents is called…….A. word package. B. word Processor C. excel package
    2. Corel page
    3. Which of these word processors has the ability to merge Excel lists? A.Corel word word perfect C. Microsoft word D. page maker
    4. The “Ms” in Ms-Word stands for…………A. miss B. miscellaneous C. macros Microsoft.
    5. Word processor includes all except…………. A. word perfect B. word Corel C. word Star D. Loco Script
    6. Microsoft Word is preferred to other word processing packages because A. it is cheap B. it is more friendly C. it accepts data faster D. none



    1. State the benefits of Microsoft word over other word processors.
    2. Name other programs that come with Corel Suite.


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