JSS 3 Physical And Health Education (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) Physical And Health Education (P.H.E)


ancient Olympic Games to test the all-round athletic ability of the competitors.

There are three types of combined events. These are:

  1. Decathlon (for men)
  2. Heptathlon (for both men and women)
  3. Pentathlon (for women)

Decathlon: The term “decathlon” is a Greek term that means “ten test.” The decathlon consists of ten athletics events. They are events mainly for men. They are held on two consecutive days. Points are awarded for each event to find the best all-round athlete. An athlete that compete in decathlon is called decathlete

List of events in modern  decathlon

First day:                                                         Second day:

  • 100m hurdle                        b (i) 110m hurdle
  • High jump              (ii) Discus
  • Shot put              (iii) Pole vault
  • Long jump (iv) Javelin
  • 400m race (v) 1,500m race

Scoring in combined events

The score is done by calculating the number of medals won in order of importance such as gold, silver and bronze

Winning : The competitor with the highest score  (points) total at the end of all events is the winner.

Pentathlon: The term “Pentathlon” is a Greek term that means “five test. ”The pentathlon consists of five athletics events. An athlete that compete in pentathlon event is called penthathlete. They are events mainly for women. They shall be held in one day in the following order:

Long jump

Javelin throw

200m race

Discus throw

1,500m race

Heptathlon: The term “Heptathlon” is a Greek term that means “seven test” The heptathlon consist of seven athletics events. They are events mainly for women. They are shall be held on two consecutive days in the following order.

Day one                                                                       Day Two

100m race                                                                   Long jump

High jump                                                                    Javelin

Shot put                                                                       800m race

200m race

The scoring

The winners of the events are determined by the combined performance in all. Performance is judged on a point in each event, not by the position achieved

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