What is ageing?

Ageing is defined as a process of growing old, in which the physiological and skeletal system become weak and strength, power, ability e. t. c are lost gradually. Ageing is the process of growing old, reach the end of useful life, it is also a time in life when one becomes obsolescent. What is Death? Death is defined as a state of no life or termination of life of individual.

Physical and biological changes

  1. Vision loss and significant hearing loss
  2. Loss of memory may occur
  3. Nutritional status and enjoyment of food are often affected
  4. Ligaments, structure and growth undergo structural changes


                   Measures against ageing

  1. Rest and sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. Nutrition
  4. Having more close friends
  5. Greater participation in activities
  6. Visiting with family
  7. Addressing basic needs



Death is the termination of the biological function that defines living organisms. Death begins when the heart stop beating

How to support the dying people

  1. Be there consistently, as often as the patient wants, and as frequently as the time schedule permits
  2. Maintain contact on a regular basis over a period of time, so the dying person will feel comfortable with sharing thoughts, fears, feelings, wishes, dreams and hopes
  3. Listen more than talk
  4. Let them also know who is in the room, tell him or her who is touching an arm or patting a shoulder
  5. Remind them of time and date



Grief is a normal, healthy response to loss. One of the greatest losses that can occur is the death of someone you love. Other losses include the loss of your health or health of someone you care about or the end of an important relationship, such as a marriage. Grieving is the process of emotional and life adjustment you go through after a loss. It is also known as bereavement


How is grief treated?

  1. Social support
  2. Good self-care
  3. The passage of time is usually the best medicine for grief
  4. Contact a grief counselor
  5. Contact bereavement support group for help.


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