Female Genital- it refers to female outer or external sex organs; Mutilation simply refers to damage or change something so much that is completely spoiled or ruined.


Female genital mutilation, it is the removal or cutting off of some or all of the  female external sensitive genitals part of the female organ (clitoris) in order to reduce her sexual urge. This act is also called female circumcision. The common parts affected are the clitoris, labia minora and labia majora. This practice used to be very common in many African  countries including Nigeria but with strong, continuous advocacy, campaign and education, the practice has been reduced to the breast minimum and is gradually fading away and tending towards total eradication.


Reasons for the practice of female genital mutilation

  1. Some communities have the belief that cutting off a part in a female child will reduce her sexual sensitivity and promiscuous life style.
  2. In some communities, they believe that if any part of the mother`s genitals touches the baby`s head during delivery, he/she will die or grow up to be retarded child. This therefore, lead to the removal of the clitoris
  3. In some communities, they believe that female circumcision promotes personal hygiene as it would be easier for the woman to wash and clean her genitals.
  4. Some communities believe that carry-out the practice would make the girl spiritually  pure
  5. Also, in some communities, circumcision is a religious ritual, which every female child must undergo for eligibility to attend the matured-girls traditional ceremony before marriage.

Note that none of these beliefs are correct as science has proven that the practice is unpleasant, cruel and dangerous.



Since female genital mutilation has no health benefits and it is believed to harm girls, ladies, women in many ways, since it involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissues and natural functions of girls and women’s body, it is therefore necessary to examine the health implications of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION (FGM)

  1. Depression and loss of sexual desire. As a result, the girl may eventually seek for divorce or may never wish to marry.
  2. Spread of infection as a result of using unsterilized instruments
  3. Bleeding which can be minor or severe and can lead to shock and death due to the shortage of blood in the body
  4. Difficulty in passing urine because of the severe pain
  5. Urinary and reproduction tract infections


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