Basic Swimming Strokes

There are four basic swimming strokes, which are:

  1. Front crawl or free style
  2. Breast Stroke
  3. Back stroke
  4. Butterfly stroke


  1. Front crawl or freestyle ; This is when a swimmer uses any stroke he chooses and rules relating breast Stroke, butterfly and back strokes do not apply. In turning and and finishing, the swimmer must touch the end of the pool. He may do so with any part of his body. The crawling style is the fastest and most efficient swimming stroke
  2. Breast Stroke: Swimming on breast stroke, both hands must move forward and backward together, with shoulders pararrel to the water surface and at right angles. Legs must be drawn with a distinct bend I.e ( Flexion) at the knees, followed by an outward and backward kicking motion.
  3. Back stroke: A stroke on the back in which arms stroke alternately with recovery out of the water, and the legs using a flutter kicks. A swimmer will be disqualified for changing from his back before his or her hands touches the finishing line.
  4. Butterfly stroke: the Stroke requires some stamina and strength than the other strokes. In butterfly stroke, the swimmer lifts both arms simultaneously above and over the head while kicking both feet in an upward and downward motion. Butterfly stroke is also called Dolphin stroke.

It is the second fastest stroke in the swimming world. The Equipment and Facilities For Swimming

The equipment and Facilities for Swimming include:

  1. Swimming trunks
  2. Swimming goggles
  3. Starting blocks
  4. Swimming float
  5. Swimming flippers
  6. Earplug for swimmers
  7. Whistles
  8. Swimming cap
  9. Swimming pool
  10. Towers
  11. Slippers
  12. Kick board

The Various Competitions/ Events in Swimming

There are various Swimming competitions. These include:

  1. 100m freestyle
  2. 200m freestyle
  3. 400m freestyle
  4. 100m breaststroke
  5. 200m breaststroke
  6. 100m butterfly stroke
  7. 200m butterfly stroke
  8. 100m back stroke
  9. 200m backstroke
  10. 100m individual medley
  11. 4* 100m freestyle women
  12. 4* 200m freestyle men
  13. 4*400m medley


  1. Outline four safety rules or precautions in and around a Swimming pool
  2. Describe the dimensions of a Swimming pool

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