8 Types of Departments In An Organization

8 Types of Departments

What is department?  A department is a unit or section established within an organisation to carry out the functions of that organisation.

Departments in an organisation

The following are the various departments that can be found in an organisation. They are:

  1. Administrative department
  2. Purchasing department
  3. Accounting department
  4. Sales department
  5. Personnel department
  6. Planning department
  7. Transport department
  8. Production department etc.

Administrative department

This department is the centre point of a business organisation. It is in charge of the day to day running of the organisation.

In the school, the administrative department is mainly made up of the principal’s office, bursar’s office, reception office and the vice principal’s office. The head of the administrative department is called administrative manager.


  1. Sees to the day to day running of the organisation
  2. Promoting the welfare of the staff of the organisation.
  3. Organizing reception for clients and visitors to the organisation
  4. Keeping records of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  5. Ensuring cleanliness, maintenance and security in the business organisation.
  6. Operating an effective and efficient filing system for the organisation.

Purchasing department

This department is also known as procurement department. It is headed by the purchasing or procurement manager.

Functions or responsibilities of purchasing department

  1. Buying goods, materials, spare parts equipment etc. needed by an organisation.
  2. Ensuring that the best materials are bought at reasonable prices etc.

Accounting department

This department is also known as finance department. It is headed by the chief accountant or finance/accounts manager.

In a school setting, the head of account is called a bursar. He handles all payments and receipts of school fees with other levies from the students.

Functions of the accounts departments

  1. Payment of staff salaries, wages and other entitlements.
  2. Preparing the annual final account of the business organisation
  3. Taking care of cash and bank account of the organisation.
  4. Preparation of pay slips or pay advise and pay roll for workers.


Sales department

This department is also known as sales and marketing department. The department is responsible for selling and marketing the products of the organisation. It is headed by the sales and marketing manager.


  1. Organizing sales promotion to attract new customers.
  2. Selling the company organisation products
  3. Keeping record of sales and supplied.
  4. Creating awareness about the products and services of an organisation.
  5. Gathering information about changes in taste and fashion.



  • Define departments
  • Explain the functions of administrative dept.


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