The word attitude can be describe as the feeling and thought an individual has towards someone or something. Every organisation or even family has a code of conduct or practice. E.g. your school. If the employees in an organisation follow its code of practice, we can conclude that such employees have the right attitude to work.

Therefore a right attitude to work is a positive state of mind that an individual develops towards his work in an organisation.

As it is rightly said that, “what is worth doing at all is worth doing well” and first impression always last longer in the minds of the visitors. The thinking of every worker should therefore be towards how a business will be managed smoothly and survive.

The main ingredient to achieve this is what we called right attitude towards work.


Right Attitude to Work

Right attitude to work is a situation where by workers or employees have positive thinking and behaviour towards the success of a business.


This is a state of getting or arriving at one’s duty or work place at the time set by the employer or the act of being at one’s place of duty or work at the time required by the employer.


This refers to being at one’s duty post every working day or state of doing the something or getting to work place at the right time every day.

Attributes of punctuality and regularity

The following are the attributes of punctuality and regularity

  1. Communication: This is the ability, the willingness to give one’s energy and time to a job.
  2. Interest: this is a kind of feeling that is developed towards what one liked or has interest in
  3. Promptness: this is an act of doing a task without delay.
  4. Consistency: this is the state of thinking, behaving and doing the same thing always in the same way and at the right time. Punctuality and regularity are signs of consistency.
  5. Self-motivation: An individual that is punctual and regular at work displays a form of self-motivation.


Importance of punctuality regularity

Some of the reasons why employees need to be punctual and regular are as states below:

  1. Promotion: most organisations give adequate consideration for punctuality and regularity when it comes to promotion exercise.
  2. Respect: punctuality shoes the respect an employee has for his employer. There is a common saying that respect is reciprocal.
  3. Organisation: punctuality and regularity are signs of an organized employee or worker. They help the employee to plan his days’ work or task.
  4. Productivity: workers that are punctual and regular are usually productive. They finish their work on time.
  5. Reduction of stresses: employees can reduce the level of stress at work by being punctual and regular.

Reward of being punctual and regular at work

The following are the rewards for punctual and regularity.

An organisation will reward any worker who is punctual, regular and has positive impact in the organization’s success.

Rewards means good things that an organisation does to its workers who have contributed to the success of the organisation.

This reward comes in different forms such as: monetary and non-monetary rewards (all the importance). Monetary rewards involves cash gift while non-monetary involves-certificate of recognition, physical gift such as deep freezer, radio, television etc.


Consequences or punishment of lateness and irregularity

This is the punishment or penalty an organisation melts on a worker who is not punctual or regular at his place of duty.

Sanction could take the following forms:

Verbal query/warning

Written query/warning

Suspension from work.

Pay cut etc.

The consequences includes the following:

  1. Neglect: An employee may not be considered for production if he is usually late and irregular at work.
  2. Fine: In some organisations, a certain amount is paid if one is late. This is called fine.
  3. Stress at work: Lateness to work increases the rate of stress at work. Workers who are always late and irregular at work put themselves under unnecessary pressure. They find it difficult to finish their work.
  4. Ineffectiveness: A worker who is always late and irregular at work may not be able to do his work well or finish it.
  5. Sack: An employer may decide to sack or terminate the appointment of an employee who refuse to change his or her wrong attitude to work.


Devotion to duty

Devotion to duty refers to the commitment of time and resources towards one’s job. It can also be defines as a situation whereby a worker has strong feeling or love for the work or job he is being employed for.


Importance of devotion to duty

Devotion to duty is important because.

  1. It leads to a high level of productivity
  2. It aids the growth and development of an organisation
  3. It can be used as a tool for making a request from an employer e.g. salary increase, provision of better welfare package.
  4. It helps an organisation to achieve its aims and objectives.
  5. It helps to increase the profit of an organisation


Effect of devotion to duty on productivity and development

  1. Increase in productivity: the organisation will be producing goods and services in large quality as a result of devotion to duty.
  2. Full utilization of machine: As a result of devotion to duty. Office machine and equipment will be used at full capacity in achieving the objectives of the organisation.
  3. Employment opportunity: It helps to the expansion of an organisation and as a result of this, more workers’ may be employed to meet the demand of customers.
  4. Increase wages and salaries of workers: in order to make workers more devoted and committed to their duties, the remuneration should be periodically increased by the employers.
  5. Development of works skill: Devotion to duty can encourage an organisation to send or organize seminar, refresher course and workshop to improve the staff’s skills.
  6. Increase sales: when workers are devoted to duty. There will be increase in sale for the organisations products.
  7. Expansion of the organisation: As a result of devotion to duty, an organization will expand in terms of size.



  • Explain punctuality and regularity
  • List four attributes of punctuality and regularity
  • State the effect of devotion to duty on productivity and development.


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