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Read these sentences aloud. Think about the two parts.


Statement Question
I ate beans,

She bought two oranges,

They swept the room,

Carol sang a song,

He killed the snake,

He has gone,

Didn’t i?

Didn’t she?

Didn’t they?

Didn’t she?

Didn’t he?

Hasn’t he?

Ade could not buy a pen,

She is not your enemy,

You don’t tell lies,

Our teacher was not wicked,

Could he?

Is she?

Do you?

Was he?



A sentence with a question tag has two parts. If the body (that is, the first part) is positive, the question tag will be negative and if the body is negative, the tag will be positive.



Supply the questions of the following sentences. Follow the example in exercise one.

Statement Question
i.             We ate all the food,

ii.           We paid the fees,

iii.        He bought the car,

iv.        She cooked the food,

v.           I left the room,

vi.        Biola ate the apple,

vii.      Wale wrote a letter,

viii.   Eze carried the basket,

ix.        Fatima sold oranges,

x.           We came to school,

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