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A subject pronoun takes the place of a noun as the subject of a sentence.

These pronouns are:

(i) Singular forms – I, you, he, she, it

(ii) Plural forms – we, you, they

Examples: Noun Subject Pronoun

The house girl takes care of the baby She takes care of the baby

The dog guards the house It guards the house

Mark and Francis love swimming They love swimming

Subject pronouns also appear after forms of the linking verbs be.



The watchman today is he.

The composers were they.

Exercise 1 Underline the subject pronouns in the following sentences.

Example: She ate a water melon

  1. They ate fish and chips.
  2. We like Italian food.
  3. It is delicious.
  4. The biggest eater was he.
  5. You helped in the cooking.
  6. The cooks were Tom and I.


Exercise 2

Replace the underlined words with subject pronouns.

Example: Pio and Gama are friends – They

  1. The glasses were under the table.
  2. Emma fed the chicken.
  3. The pears were juicy.
  4. Uncle Ben and Lillian visited the orphans.
  5. The new waitress is Jane.
  6. The fastest runners were Tecla and Kirui.
  7. Lisa went to the hall.
  8. The chicken was slaughtered.
  9. Lucky Dube and Brenda Fasie were South African Singers.
  10. Samuel Wanjiru has won many athletics medals.


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