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    Information transmission is the exchange of information from the sender to the receiver in any form, i.e through voice, data, text and image over any kind of media, hand written medium, etc. There are two methods of information transmission namely: (i) Ancient methods of information transmission (ii) Modern methods of transmitting information



    1. ORAL INFORMATION: This involve face to face interaction between two individuals or groups of people. It is the method communicated verbally.
    2. FIRE LIGHTING/BUSH BURNING: This is a form of transmission of someone or something at a particular spot.
    3. USE OF TOWN CRIERS: This is the use of person(s) to transmit information. The person used to assist to send information to the people is called town criers. The town crier usually carry a gong to attract the attention of people to him.
    4. DRAWING DIAGRAMS: Drawing diagrams is a way or method of passing/transmitting information to people. It remind people that other people once lived in that location or pass a message such as only the set of people could understand the message.
    5. REPRESENTATION TRANSMISSION MODE: This mode of information transmission is used to show representation of objects or something that pass information to the receiver that such object represent something known to the receivers.



    These are current modes of transmitting information which are faster, better and safer means. The modern methods of transmitting information include the following (i) writing (ii) printing (iii) telephone (iv) radio (v) television (vi) fax (vii) satellite (viii) internet (ix) GSM.

    • WRITING METHOD: This method of transmitting information is done by hand or by using computers or typewriter.
    • PRINTING METHOD: This is the producing of information on the through printing press which has information on the paper. Examples of prints are newspaper, books, magazine, journals, etc.
    • TELEPHONE: This is the transmission of human voice from the sender to the receiver through a telecommunication means either wired or wireless devices. It is the fastest means of audio transmission over different far and near geographical regions.
    • RADIO: It is a wireless transmission design to reach a large audience. It is the most effective form of voice transmission to widely used mode of transmission of information to widely used mode of transmission of information over different geographical locations.
    • TELEVISION: This is voice and vision mode of transmitting information to different people at different location from a television station to their living location.
    • FAX: FAX means facsimile transmission. It is a method of using scanning technology to transfer text and graphics from one machine to another.


    • Explain two ancient methods of information transmission
    • Explain three modern methods of information transmission


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        (1) Easy communication
        (2) Fast communication
        (3) Quick delivery of information
        (4) Better access to large amount of information
        (5) Information can be transmitted to a wide range of locations at the same time
        (6) Information transmitted can be stored, reused, retrieved, deleted, manipulated and distributed
        (7) Instant quick response time to information transmitted and received
        (8) Instant verification and validation of transmitted information from senders to receivers

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