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Art can be defined as a very wide human activities involving some skills. It is imaginative, creative and aesthetic in nature. One uncontroversial thing about art is that it affects almost every aspect of man’s life.



– Art is a means of self-expression of inner feelings or ideas about things, people and the environment

– Art is the act of making skillful use of materials to produce things for human use and pleasure.

– Art is a universal language of expression.

 Art is the skill of doing something, which is not taught by nature.



 The word “Art” originated from a latin word “ARTI” which means “to do well”. Art activities could be traced back to the early man, who wrote and drew on cave walls, rock surfaces, wood and hides. Although most of these materials are aged, utility and beauty or aesthetics, weathered and perished.

The various techniques used in representing objects on such surfaces includes scratching, engraving, incised drawing or graffiti and painting. Such painting were carried out with earth colours –red, yellow, black and white of chalk mixed with animal fat to form a kind of oil paint.


                                                BRANCHES OF ART


Art, a name given to all skillful activities is broadly divided into too namely VISUAL ART and NON-VISUAL ART.



Are those aspect of art whose products are visible. i.e.  what we can see. It requires the use of materials that we can see physically or touched.

Visual Art can be divided into two namely: Fine Art and Applied Art/Industrial Art.

They are mainly for self satisfaction.

The branches of Fine art are: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture.

While the branches of Applied art are ; Graphics, Textile, Ceramics, Photography etc.



These are the aspects of art whose product can not be seen with our naked eye. The products are mainly for entertainment and recreation.


Non-visual Art – can also be divided into two namely: Performing Art and Literary Art.

Performing art includes music, Drama, Dance,

While Literary Art involves all form of writing Literature, Poetry, Folklore and Jonalism.





VISUAL ART                                                            NON-VISUAL ART




FINE ART                 APPLIED/                              PERFORMING         LITERARY

                                    INDUSTRIAL ART                      ART                        ART




DRAWING                     GRAPHICS                           DRAMA             LITERATURE

PAINTING                     TEXTILE                               MUSIC                   POETRY

SCULPTURE               CERAMICS                           DANCE                  WRITING

ARCHITECTURE       PHOTOGRAPHY                                                         FOLK LOVE

                                        INTERIOR DESIGN                                         JOURNALISM

                                        FURNITURE “    “

                                        INDUSTRIAL “    “



Art serve many functions and has many values to the society. All the branches of art are important because they all satisfy and affect the life of human beings in diverse ways some of which are:

1. Art serves as the means of expressing our emotions

2. Art works serves as decorative means

3. Art works are used to retain and promotes our fashion culture

4. Art works serves the means of protection

5. Art works serves as a storage means

6. Art works encourages the people spiritual growth

7. Art works creates room for relaxation, recreation, and increases in ones joy

8.  Art helps in keeping records and historical facts about our ancestors

9. Art serves as aid to easy transportation of goods

10. Art is used as a means of effective communication within individual, local and international communities

11. Art serves as a source of income for individual and society


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