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Our Roles in Promoting Safety in Our Community

Safety is from the French word “sauf”.Safety is a situation which prevents any form of injury while performing some activities. It is a situation where an individual or group of individual can carry out or perform activities without any injury. According to the dictionary, it means the state of being safe, freedom from the occurrence of risk of injury, danger or loss.


Reasons for Safety/ Needs for Safety

  1. To prevent damage of properties: Road and fire accidents can bring great damage to many properties.Through safety measures, both public and private properties can be maintained and have longer usage.
  2. To prevent loss of life:Safety measures should be put in place to prevent death of individuals while carrying out a task.
  3. To prevent avoidable accidents: When necessary safety measures are put in place, some accidents will be avoided.

For instance, if necessary gadgets and personnel are available at a swimming pool, drowning will be completely eliminated.

  1. To minimize risk: Safety measures help in reducing risk in carrying out a task.
  2. To prevent temporary, or permanent disabilities: There is the need for safety to prevent accidents that will lead to loss of eyes, limbs, arms and any other parts of the body. Permanent disabilities could make an individual unproductive and almost useless to their families and society at large.


Accidents and Safety Measures At Home

Accidents at home include:

  1. Fire outbreaks
  2. Pressing iron burns
  3. Hot water burns
  4. Sliding in the bathroom
  5. Falling from staircases
  6. Knife or razor blade cuts, etc.


Safety Measures

  1. To prevent electric shocks: The house should be properly wired by professionals. Cables should not be exposed. Right sockets and plugs should be used at all times.
  2. Gas cylinders should be properly closed to prevent gas leakage.
  3. The use of candle, mosquito coils, boiling rings etc should be avoided if possible.
  4. All drugs should be taken far away from children’s reach.
  5. Proper disposal of waste.
  6. Bathroom floors should be scrubbed regularly while old bathroom tiles within the house should be replaced.
  7. All electrical gadgets, sockets should be checked when going out of the house or before going to bed in the night.


Safety Measures in the School Environment

Possible accidents in a school environment are falling of ceiling fans, electric shock, breaking of swing chains, bruises from fall while running, burning of skin due to splash of chemicals during experiments in the laboratory, falling from staircase. etc.


The following are safety measures in the school environment

  1. The school building should be constructed properly with necessary safety measures put in place.
  2. Fire extinguishers should be provided in strategic locations particularly in laboratories and offices.
  • Sports masters and possibly a nurse should be available during inter-house sports or special sporting events in the school.
  1. Dangerous chemicals used in laboratories should be kept in special rooms inaccessible to students.
  2. School hall and classrooms should be well ventilated.
  3. First aid kits should be provided in the school clinic.


Safety Measures in a Work Place

  1. Fire extinguishers should be in strategic places.
  2. Original sockets, plugs and other electrical appliances should be used in offices.
  3. Smoking should be disallowed in all offices and restricted to certain areas. For instance restaurant.
  4. There should be proper wiring of the building.
  5. Safety manager should conduct periodic training for staff on how to prevent forms of accident in the work place.
  6. Staff should ensure that all electrical gadgets are switched off after office hours.


Traffic Guidelines

Cyclists and Motorcyclists

  1. They should wear helmet and should not carry more than one passenger.
  2. They should properly maintain their motorcycles.
  3. They should observe all road signs.
  4. They should not put abnormal horns
  5. They should not play music while they ride.



  1. Seat belt should be worn every time motorists drive
  2. Motorist should strictly obey all road signs.
  3. Motorists should never drink alcohol before and when driving.
  4. Motorist should never make or receive phone calls while driving
  5. Motorists should not over speed.
  6. Regular maintenance and servicing of vehicles.



  1. Pedestrians should wear bright coloured materials while walking in the night.
  2. Pedestrians should use pedestrian bridges and where provided, Zebra Crossing points
  3. Pedestrians should use road pavement while they walk on the road.
  4. Pedestrians crossing road should look left, right and left again before crossing.
  5. Pedestrians should walk opposite traffic rather than backing it while they walk on the road.

Agencies to be Contacted when Accidents Occur

  • The Nigeria Police
  • Federal Road Safety Corps
  • Fire Brigade
  • National Emergency Management
  • Red Cross Society



  1. What is safety?
  2. Mention three traffic guidelines each for motorists and cyclists



  1. Mention four reasons for safety.
  2. Mention four safety measures at home.
  3. Mention three safety measures in the school environment.
  4. Mention two traffic guidelines for pedestrians.



  1. _________ can be defined as the steps taken to ensure that lives and properties are well

secured. A. Safety      B. Accident     C. Orderliness             D. Sanitation

  1. _________ is a sudden occurrence of an event that is a havoc in nature. A.Accident
  2. Conjusion C. Conjunct D. Safety
  3. _______ is a place where people settle for the purpose of safety, trading or farming.
  4. Hamlet B. Placement C. Settlement D. Village
  5. One of the following statement is true A. Motorist should strictly obey all road signs.
  6. Cyclists should not observe all road signs. C. Motorists should over speed. D. Cyclists should play music while they ride.
  7. The following are examples of moral responsibilities of the children at home EXCEPT
  8. to respect elders B. to obey their parents C. to help their parents with house chores
  9. to use vulgar language.



  1. What is safety?
  2. Mention four reasons for safety.


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